Six NBA Teams of the FutureĀ 

By Aiden Ryland

1.Utah Jazz

The Jazz have a low-key squad. With young guys like Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert leading the way, they have a pretty damn good starting lineup and arguably the best bench in the league. The key for this team is it’s potential, as the whole starting lineup, as well as the bench are filled with young guys with extreme talent. The Jazz are a team I could definitely see making a jump up to 50 wins next season.

2. Milwaukee Bucks

In my opinion, this team has the brightest future of all. I mean, they’re slogan is #OwnTheFuture but the question is are they ready to #OwnThePresent? After watching them snap the Warriors winning streak to start the season, then end their own season with a lottery pick, I’d have to say Milwaukee is probably the most unpredictable team in the league. With future superstars like the “Great Freak,” Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton and Thon Maker already on board, this team has enough pieces to win now, the only thing stopping them from being dominant…is time.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons already looks like he has the skills to be a future hall of famer. The Sixers kind of got a little twin towers action going with Noel and Jahlil. The X factor with this team is Joel Embid. Just how good can he be? If Embid pans out, the Sixers could trade him or Okafor for a guard and they would be just a bench away from being a playoff team.

4. Denver Nuggets

This team is full of excellent guards. Emmanuel Mudiay is showing the potential to be the best PG in the NBA. Don’t forget about Nikola  Jokic, either. The 6’10” Center, averaged 10 points and seven rebounds, in just 21.7 minutes on the court for the Nuggets. With all this raw talent, Denver just needs to be more consistent and boom they’re a playoff team.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

Don’t worry, the fan favorite Timberwolves are here. Karl Anthony Towns is showing the potential to be the best center in the league someday. Andrew Wiggins looks like a possible future all-star. The big X factor for this team is Kris Dunn if he excels the Wolves will definitely be good. Honestly, I’m not a Zach LaVine fan, I don’t think he’s a good option for the Wolves in the long run but that’s just me. All they need is a good 3, a solid 2 that shoot and a solid 4 to compliment KAT and they’re golden. This team has always had trouble landing free agents though. Maybe the talent on this young squad can change that.

6. Los Angles Lakers

D’Angelo Russell is showing flashes he could definitely be an all- star. If Jordan Clarkson can continue to improve, the two of them could be a solid pair for this young squad to build around. You definitely can’t forget Brandon Ingram either, he’s got potential to be the next Tayshuan Prince or Kevin Durant. have him hit the weight room this off-season and he can be something special in this league. Don’t forget the Lakers are the Lakers, I mean who doesn’t want to play in L.A., they always find a way to be good.

Honorable mentions: Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Pelicans, Orlando Magic and the Phoenix Suns