Their are Plenty of Future Stars Ready to Make a Splash in Round 2 of the 2016 NFL Draft…

If your team failed to live up to expectations in Round 1, don’t despair. There are plenty of steals still waiting to happen in Round 2.

  Myles Jack, OLB, UCLA

 Is it worth the gamble to risk another major surgery to get the most freakish  athlete in the draft?

-How lucky would Jacksonville be to have both, Jack and Jalen Ramsey.

-is he too risky for a 49’er team who’s already had too many surprises?

-Could Miami hope to be that lucky two rounds in a row?

  Jaylon Smith, OLB, Notre Dame

Another superb athlete with medical issues. He is not expected to be ready to play until 2017.

He will be drafted… But who blinks first?

-Will the Titans be tempted to burn one of their extra picks?

Cleveland has nothing but time on their hands…

 A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Bama

If you watch tape on this kid, you will see a guy who is powerful enough to burst through the line on pursuit of the quarterback and quick enough to chase a running back down from behind.

– No matter where or when Robinson goes at this point, he is destined to be a steal for someone.

 Reggie Ragland, ILB, Bama

Ragland plays with a big heart, but what concerns people is an enlarged aorta.

Someone with take a chance on him and get the best inside linebacker in the draft.

 Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

Dodd may be falling strictly due to superstition, but their is little reason to believe he won’t succeed given the right situation.

  Derrick Henry, RB, Bama

Henry was a man among boys in college. With the right offensive unit he could be just as dominant in the NFL.

-Cleveland has the need and the picks.

– Ravens should go defense, but could use a big back.

– would the Giants dare jump in the mix this early? 

All 31 First Round Picks of the 2016 NFL Draft Ranked in Order of Value to Their Respective Teams…

31. Seattle Seahawks – Germaine Ifedi 

 If the Seahawks really wanted an O- Tackle, I’m not sure why they didn’t trade up in a draft that was loaded with them, instead of trading back to get a guy who doesn’t even fit their system at their position of greatest need.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Artie Burns 

  The Steelers got the got the long athletic corner that they wanted. They are just going to have to wait awhile to watch him develop into the player that they need.

29. Minnesota Vikings – Laquon Treadwell

 You have a stable full of young, extremely talented receivers who are loaded with potential and waiting for a quarterback to help them develop. So you add another young, extremely talented receiver who needs a quarterback to help him develop to a team who has a passer with one of the worst statistical seasons last year. Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

28. San Francisco 49’ers – Joshua Garnett 

  This was the Niners second pick in the first round, and even though they may have reached and spent too much to get him, Garnett could just prove to be the best all around blocker in this draft. It’s confusing, but what about San Francisco isn’t these days?

27.  Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff  

 There is not much to like about this pick except for the fact that the kid from Cal will be staying home to welcome back the Rams to Los Angeles. I think they would have been better off staying put to grab a receiver and hoping for a quarterback to fall to them in the 2nd round. This team has too many holes to mortgage their future on a guy who will have to carry a major load in his rookie year.

26. Oakland Raiders – Karl Joseph

  The pick itself looks good on paper, until you realize you are asking an undersized player with a history of injury to not only step in and fill a very physical role, but to also replace a future hall of fame DB in Charles Woodson. The Raiders are deep enough to be in a position to gamble. We’ll just have to wait and see if Joseph turns out to be worth the risk.

25. Atlanta Falcons – Keanu Neal

  In order to like this pick you have to have total confidence in Dan Quinn’s ability to build this defense in the image of the Seahawks D. I’m not completely convinced that they didn’t reach a bit for this kid who will spend the early part of his career developing. Only time will tell.

24.  Cincinnati Bengals – William Jackson III

  The Bengals desperately needed a receiver, and most likely were caught off guard by the fact that all four of them were gone by the time they selected. Fortunately, the had the presence of mind to still be able to fill a hole and add another great player to their already strong defense.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz

  The Eagles reached too high and gave up way too much for an unproven D2 quarterback, but they got the guy they wanted. On top of that, they have a decent squad in place around him to aid in his development. If he somehow exceeds expectations they will look like geniuses, if he fails, they will have left themselves with hardly anything at all in the way of a backup plan.

22. Tennessee Titans – Jack Conklin

 The Titans did everything in their power to avoid drafting Laremy Tunsil. They dropped back and then snuck back up to get a guy who isn’t rated as high as Tunsil but might just be a great fit in their system. If nothing else they still have a load of picks tucked away in their back pocket.

21. San Diego Chargers – Joey Bosa

 The Chargers have so many needs that this pick seems more like a stepping stone for the future rather than a selection that makes them instantly better. However, If Bosa lives up to the hype, both of those scenarios could come true.

 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Vernon Hargreaves III  

 Nothing against Hargreaves, but the Bucs play in a division loaded with giant athletic receivers and for some reason decided to select an undersized cover corner. I am sure over time he will still develop as a great defender but for now the logic just doesn’t add up.  

19. Cleveland Browns – Corey Coleman

 The Browns grab a great player here but I’m not convinced he was the best building block for a team that needs so much. The grade goes more to the player himself than the front office on this one.

 18. Green Bay Packers – Kenny Clark

 Their were plenty of big names available here, and the Packers had to once again avoid the “Sexy Pick.” The key is, they got their man and filled one of their major holes on defense.

 17. New York Giants – Eli Apple

 This pick wasn’t as earth shattering as some of the projected selections for this team, but somehow it just seems to make sense. The Giants defense was one of the easiest matchup for quarterbacks last year. Apple should be able to change that with the fire and tenacity he brings to this unit.

16. Buffalo Bills – Shaq Lawson 

 Rex Ryan wants another opportunity to try his hand at developing a dominant edge rusher and drafting Lawson gives him that chance. Now let’s see if Lawson can help this team gain some consistency.

15. Baltimore Ravens- Ronnie Stanley
 After an embarrassing season by their defense and with the top rated left tackle still on the board, this is a confusing pick by the Ravens. The only saving grace is that they still get a great run blocker, at a good value and protect Joe Flacco in the process.

 14. Carolina Panthers – Vernon Butler

The Panthers continue to improve an already frightening defense, and they do so by staying put at the end of the draft. Butler is ready for the NFL and should fit in immediately without missing a beat.

 13.Detroit Lions – Taylor Decker

 With the drama going on at the LT position, it would have been easy for the Lions to try to move up to get the guy they wanted. They stayed put and he fell right into their lap. It’s an extremely safe pick here but could prove to be exactly what the Lions need at this point in the game.

12. Indianapolis Colts – Ryan Kelly

  It’s not a flashy pick, but exactly what the Colts need to start anchoring that line for Andrew Luck.

11. Chicago Bears – Leonard Floyd

  The Bears need to get their defense back to prominence. This pick is a big step in that direction and should improve their confidence and morale as much as their performance on the field.

10. Washington Redskins – Josh Doctson

If the Redskins want to become a legitimate contender and prove to the rest of the league that last season wasn’t a fluke, they need to start putting faith in Kirk Cousins and start getting him some more playmaking weapons. Adding Doctson shows that they truly believe that they’ve found their man of the future.

9. New Orleans Saints – Sheldon Rankins

 The Saints needed to improve their defensive front if they plan to give support to Drew Bree’s and their offense.  They did that in a big way with this pick. They still need to fill some holes but the nimble footed big-man takes them a huge step forward in that direction.

 8. Houston Texans – Will Fuller

 The Texans are slowly but surely building a dangerous looking offense to go with their already frightening defense. You line up this speedster opposite of DeAndre Hopkins and d-coordinators have to be shaking in their boots. This pick is more about how it benefits the rest of the team than about Fuller himself.

7. San Francisco 49ers – DeForest Buckner  

 None of the experts seemed to have any clue where Buckner fit into this draft. Then they watched him be selected by a coach that is not only familiar with him but obviously covets his services. Suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

6. Denver Broncos – Paxton Lynch

 I would rate this pick even higher if Lynch was drafted as a back up. The fact that he is most likely going to be expected to perform immediately makes this a more interesting scenario. However, with the weapons he has at his disposal and his size and mobility, this could make him a early front runner for Rookie of the Year consideration.

5. New York Jets – Darron Lee

  It’s scary that the Jets keep improving this defense even though they have some major needs on offense. It’s obvious where their focus is and that they insist on putting the rest of the league on notice.

4. Arizona Cardinals – Robert Nkemdiche 

 The Cardinals were able to stay put and still get the guy they wanted. Nkemdiche is a perfect fit in this defense and makes them instantly better. Now they have the rest of the draft to add youth to their offense.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jalen Ramsey 

 This young team knows they are on the verge of greatness and they solidified that notion by grabbing one of the top prospects in the draft. Ramsey has a chance to contribute immediately on the field and as a leader for the Jaguars.

2. Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliot

 This seems like a bit of a reach considering the fact that Todd Gurley went 12th overall last year. However, the combination of Elliott’s tremendous skill set and the Cowboys o-line makes this an outstanding pick for a team who was finally able to admit they need a star running back.

1. Miami Dolphins – Laremy Tunsil 

The Dolphins owe a big thanks to social media for giving them the steal of the draft. A 4 year old video on Twitter sent the well rounded blindside protector into free fall that let him fall right into Miami’s lap at number 13.

And with the First Pick in the 2016 NFL Draft…

The Los Angeles Rams select Jared Goff, Quarterback, Cal.

This benefits them by bringing a local kid from their new home state to fill what many think is their biggest need, and to help sell tickets in their new stadium.

Goff is the most NFL ready of any of the young QBs, but isn’t projected to have the upside of some of his counterparts.

It’s an exciting draft day pick which gives them immediate hope for the future.

However, with the price they had to pay to get it, This selection leaves them in a desperate, do or die, situation.

Best Case Scenario: Goff fits into the system flawlessly and makes them an instant contender.

Worst Case Scenario: Todd Gurley remains the centerpiece of this offense as the Rams continue to scramble to fill their offensive skill positions with far fewer draft picks at their disposal. 

For now…

Congratulations to Goff and the L.A. Rams!

Five Picks that Would Make this Draft Even More Interesting…

 5. Laremy Tunsil to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Everyone has the Jaguars going defense with their top pick, but if Tunsil falls to them, they should be inclined to snatch him up.

Despite the fact that Blake Bortles has led the NFL in sacks taken his first to years, he is still developing into one of the leagues top passers.

Imagine the damage he could do if he had a top LT watching his back.

To some it may seem like a luxury pick. 

However, if the Jags want to keep their young passer upright, it seems like an absolute necessity.

  4.Corey Coleman to the Houston Texans.

Last season this kid had 20 receiving touchdowns in college. 

Brock Osweiler has to be thrilled that he will throwing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins. 

Imagine his delight if he had Coleman on the other side.

With the addition of Lamar Miller at running back, this offense could go from one of the most one dimensional units last season, to one of the most dangerous this season, with just one pick.

Couple that with an elite defense and you have an immediate contender.

  3. Paxton Lynch to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings have the best running back in the game. A stifling defense, and a young receiving core loaded with untapped talent.

Throw in a mobile quarterback with the ability to throw the deep ball well, and you might just have the most complete team in the NFL.

  2. Deforest Buckner to the Raiders.

This kid could go top 5, but if he somehow falls to the Raiders, this would be a franchising changing selection for a team who is already about to start making some noise. 

Opposing offenses would have to choose between containing him or Khalil Mack, and even the slightest mistake could prove fatal.

Raiders fans have their sights set on a defensive back, but once the season starts and they feel his impact, I would doubt any of them would be complaining.

  1. Derrick Henry to the Dallas Cowboys

Henry has the makings of a solid NFL running back, but with the Cowboys offensive line, he could be Emmit Smith with a bit more “get up and go”!

Once this kid gets a head of steam going, he is hard to bring down, and the Cowboys front 5 seem like the perfect match to give him that advantage.

The Cowboys offense has been looking for a spark and this guy may just be the one to provide it to them.

Peter Wiseman’s NFL Power Rankings 2016 (pre-draft edition)

  32. Cleveland Browns 

The Browns are basically starting over this year after losing a bunch of key players in free agency and adding RGIII to compete for the quarterback position. The changes may bring some excitement, but I don’t see much improvement anytime soon.

 31. San Francisco 49’ers

It’s sad to see this once classy organization suddenly in shambles. I don’t see them staying down long, but it could be a rough process trying to gain back respect.

  30. Tennessee Titans 

It’s going to be exciting to see what the Titans do with their influx of rookies. I think they have a decent future ahead of them, but for now, I would say this season will be a learning experience at best.

  29. Chicago Bears

The Bears lost a couple of their best offensive playmakers which will definitely affect this team. However, they will never amount to much as long as they keep Jay Cutler under center.

  28. San Diego Chargers

This is actually a very talented team who just happens to play in one of the toughest divisions in the league. The AFC West could legitimately have three playoff teams this year. Too bad for the Chargers they won’t be one of them.

  27. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens surprised themselves and everyone else with a huge drop-off last season. They will try to repair their defense on the fly and prove that last season was a fluke. In the meantime  I see more rough sailing ahead.

  26. Philadelphia Eagles

Had the Eagles just left well enough alone and stuck with the guy who was rebuilding them into a well oiled offensive machine, they would probably be headed for a playoff berth this season. Instead, they put themselves in, “trade a bunch of great draft picks for a quarterback who may have a chance to be mediocre someday,” mode. Great choice?

 25. New York Jets

At one point last season, Chris Ivory, was considered the best running back in the league. Ryan Fitzpatrick, had the best statistical season ever by a Jets quarterback. Now Ivory is a Jaguar, and Fitzpatrick is holding out. Not a good scenario for a team who was actually knocking on the door to greatness just a few months ago.

  24. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are coming off a very heartbreaking year after starting the season as one of the best teams in the league and then falling flat on their faces. That usually means the problems are upstairs rather than on the field. Hopefully they can figure it out before it’s too late.

  23. Dallas Cowboys 

Yes Tony Romo will be back… but for how long? This team has proven that they can’t win without him,m and how good can they possibly be with him, at this point in his career?

  22. Miami Dolphins 

On paper this should be one of the most dominant teams in the league. In reality they won’t even be that competitive in their own division. Instead of adding old d-linemen, this team should really start looking to start over with a youth movement.

  21. Los Angeles Rams

This team picked a horrible year to go all in for a franchise quarterback. Their fans may get excited for now, but they are headed for a long and grueling trip to the league basement. 

 20. Washington Redskins

Last season the Redskins got hot at the right time, won a very weak division, snuck into the playoffs, and got embarrassed by a wild card team. They may have a bright future, but it seems they have a bit more experience to gain before they can be taken seriously.

 19. Jacksonville Jaguars 

This young Jaguars team is loaded with talent and is the “sexy pick” as a dark horse in the AFC. The problem is they know it. Overconfident speak off the field before the season begins, rarely leads to good things on the field. 

 18. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are strongly becoming the most consistently underachieving team in the history of the NFL. Look for them to keep cementing that legacy even further this year.

  17. New Orleans Saints

Last season Drew Brees started one less game, and threw for exactly 100 more yards than Tom Brady. Yet New Orleans lost five more games than New England. Am I the only one baffled by the notion that  the Saints have done very little to improve their defense this offseason? 

 16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Bucs have a ton of young talent on offense and made huge strides last season. If this group continues to gel, the best is yet to come.

 15. New York Giants 

Eli Manning can no longer say he has more rings than his older brother. However, it appears he has finally got his groove back, and has this offense firing on all cylinders. When they figure out their defense, this team will be dangerous at the very least.

 14. Detroit Lions

On paper, Detroit is one of the most talented teams in the league. Without Megatron as an outlet, Matthew Stafford will be forced to make good throws to his arsenal of talented receivers. They will most likely start out slow again, but should finish even stronger than last year. 

 13. Houston Texans

The Texans have one of the best players in the league on either side of the ball. Their defense has been  dominant as of late. If the new additions on offense live up to their potential, this team will be very exciting to watch next season.

 12. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have the best running back in the league and a top rated defense. They are still just a quarterback away from being one of the best teams in the league. 

 11. Indianapolis Colts

If the Colts had any idea how to build a team around Andrew Luck, they would be downright unstoppable. Even so, they will be competitive as long as he stays healthy. 

 10. Oakland Raiders

There is always that team that fans can confidently count on to have a bad season. Well, those fans are about to have their worst nightmare come true. Like it or not, the Silver and Black are on their way back.

    9. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are getting older at key positions. After being rejuvenated for a season, and going all in on a deep playoff run, it would just make sense that we may see age take over down the stretch for this once promising team. 

  8. Cincinnati Bengals

If not for an  injury, Andy Dalton would have tied Joe Flacco’s record for most consecutive playoff appearances by a quarterback to start his career. A very impressive feat for a player who has become nothing more than a punchline. After losing a lot of offensive weapons, it may be difficult for the “Red Rifle” to stay at the top of his game. However, the Bengals still have a good enough defense to give him a shot at his first playoff win. 

  7. Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid has mastered the art of getting teams to the playoffs. Until he can bring home a trophy, his team’s will continue to get less credit than they deserve. 

 6. Pittsburgh Steelers

This offense may be full of offenders and injury prone stars, but when they are on the field, the “Killer B’s” are peerless in their playmaking ability. Prepare for another almost great season from the Men of Steel.  

 5. Carolina Panthers

Last year the Panthers shocked the world with one of the best regular seasons of all time. The question this season, are they chasing the trophy or the limelight?

  4. Seattle Seahawks

I’m sure rival fans can think of plenty of excuses not to like the Seahawks Defense. Even so, I’m sure opposing offenses can think of plenty more.  

 3. Denver Broncos

There were plenty of reasons why the Broncos shouldn’t have won the Super Bowl last season. This year there are even more. That defense though…

  2. Green Bay Packers

The Packers making the playoffs has just become an annual tradition, but inconsistency and injuries keep getting in the way of them taking the final step. Is this the year they finally stay healthy, and prove the experts right? 

 1. New England Patriots

There isn’t a coach in the league that is more prepared for whatever situation you try to use to confuse and distract him. Bill Belichick thrives on controversy. The league has unwittingly played right into his strength. Now he has even more fuel for his undying fire.

I don’t know why people think Tom Brady’s suspension will change anything…

The last time he missed any major time, Matt Cassel, stepped in and won 11 games. 


If you check the stats, you will see that in the seasons the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Brady’s numbers are considerably lower (3,566 yards and 26 TDs), than in other years (4,368 yards and 33 TDs).

That’s over 800 yards, and a 7 TD difference, in years the Patriots bring home the trophy. 

In other words, when Brady is in the spotlight, other teams win. 

When Brady is an afterthought, the Patriots win.

It shouldn’t take a genius to realize that Brady is not directly responsible for any of New England’s Super Bowls.

As a matter of fact, if the team just let Belichick focus on the run and shoot, and rely on defense like he did in his first three championship seasons, they’d probably win every year. 


The fourth trophy came when Revis joined the team.

However, people love Brady, even though his numbers were very pedestrian until the league changed the rules in 2006 and 2007. 


Check the stats. You’ll see he went from being an slightly-above average quarterback, to a star, as soon as the league let him start bringing his own ball to away games, and stopped letting people hit him. 

If Tom Brady wasn’t such a commercial draw, you probably wouldn’t even know his name. 

However, for some reason, the league loves the underdog turned superstar, who’s married to the supermodel.

Don’t be surprised if after four games we are talking about Jimmy Garappolo as the next messiah, and Brady is no more than an afterthought. 


If you are a Patriot hater… Don’t get your hopes up.

If you are a Patriot fan… Don’t worry. 


If you are a Brady fan…well that’s a story for a different time.

 All that will come of this, is proof once again, that the personnel  on this team doesn’t matter. 


The “Hoodie” and the NFL will always find ways to make the team that won after 9-11, look like America’s Savior.

Peter Wiseman’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft. (The final edition)

1. Los Angeles Rams 

 Jared Goff, QB, Cal

The Rams felt that they needed to sacrifice the better part of two drafts in order to make a splash on their way back home. Who better to help them do it then the homegrown kid from Cal?

2. Cleveland Browns

 Carson Wentz, QB, NDSU

It’s pretty clear the Browns have their eyes set on drafting their Quarterback of the future. The choice is fairly simple, as the man they want falls right into their lap.

3. San Diego Chargers 

 Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

The Chargers have plenty of holes to fill, but how do you pass up the most freakish athlete in the draft?

4. Dallas Cowboys 

 Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

The Cowboys don’t often get an opportunity to pick this high. So this is their chance to grab an elite defender.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars 

 Jalen Ramsey, CB, FSU

The Jags have already made plenty of additions this offseason. This kid could turn out to be the best one yet.

6. Baltimore Ravens 

 DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon

The Ravens defense was a disappointment last year and they certainly will want that to change going into next season. Buckner is a disturbing force up front who should help them accomplish that task.

7. San Francisco 49ers 

 Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

The Niners need to start rebuilding somewhere, and the offensive line seems as good of a place as any when they are about to install a new offense. Tunsil is a well rounded player, and should be a good fit and cornerstone for this team.

8. Philadelphia Eagles 

 Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State 

The Eagles need a consistent running back to take pressure away from their inconsistent passing game. Elliott should be able to provide that and a whole lot more.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

 Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida

The Bucs would love for Hargreaves to stay in Florida and bring his flare to this young team on the rise.

10. New York Giants 

 Ronnie Stanley, OT, ND

This offense has quietly reestablished themselves as one of the top units in the league. With Stanley bolstering their line they should only get better.

11. Chicago Bears

 Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

The Bears get a lot more versatile on defense by adding Lawson here. He brings an instant spark to a defense that needs some life pumped back into it.

12. New Orleans Saints 

 A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Bama

The Saints need help getting pressure on the quarterback and shutting down the run. This man-beast is big enough and quick enough to do both. Robinson could help bring the defense up quickly and make the Saints an instant contender.

13. Miami Dolphins 

 Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State

The Dolphins have spent a lot of time and money over the last two offseasons building a defensive front that can get pressure on the quarterback. With this pick they add an intense playmaker in the backfield who can reap the benefits of those efforts.

14. Oakland Raiders 

 Robert Nkemdiche, DT, Ole Miss

It’s sounds crazy to even say this, but the Raiders are finally deep enough that they can afford to take a chance on a player. Nkemdiche is a polarizing personality, but if they can get him to save his passion for the field, he could make this scary defense even more frightening for opponents.

15. Tennessee Titans  

 Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

The Titans need a playmaker who can stretch the field and help open up this offense. Fuller can give them that and so much more.

16. Detroit Lions 

 Sheldon Rankins, DT, Louisville 

The Lions need to rebuild their defensive line in order to get back to the dominance they once enjoyed. Adding Rankins will give them that big disturbing force they’ve been missing.

17. Atlanta Falcons  

 Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

The Falcons have lost a bunch of offensive weapons over the last few years. Treadwell gives them a nice compliment to Julio Jones, and another target for Matt Ryan.

18. Indianapolis Colts 

 Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State

Keeping Andrew Luck healthy and on the field should be the number one priority for the Colts this season. Adding this big bodied Buckeye should help them accomplish that goal.

19. Buffalo Bills 

 Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

Floyd will give the Bills the speed they need on the edge as they continue to improve their defense.

20. New York Jets 

 Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

The Jets need to find a permanent solution at the quarterback position. Lynch is tall, quick, and versatile, and has a good enough arm to distribute the ball to an outstanding group of receivers.

21. Washington Redskins 

 Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State

The Redskins believe they have their quarterback of the future. Adding Conklin should help keep him upright for years to come.

22. Houston Texans 

 Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

The Texans signed a running back and quarterback in free agency. Selecting Coleman here gives them another valuable weapon for their rising offense.

23. Minnesota Vikings 

 Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

The Vikings don’t seem ready to give up on underachieving quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. This pick should give him another chance to try to prove his value to the team.

24. Cincinnati Bengals 

 Braxton Miller, WR Ohio State

The Bengals need help at wide receiver. Miller gives them a ton of versatility, speed and playmaking ability at the position.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers  

 William Jackson III, CB, Houston 

Cornerback is a big need for the Steelers. This kid gives them a long, athletic frame to help shore up their backfield.

26. Seattle Seahawks  

 Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

We all know the Seahawks covet defensive playmakers. Selected Dodd here will give them another destructive force up front.

27. Green Bay Packers 

 Reggie Ragland, LB, Bama

The Packers fill their biggest need with this selection. Ragland is one of the most exciting players in the draft and will very soon be a fan favorite in Green Bay.

28. Kansas City Chiefs 

 Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State

The Chiefs improve an already strong defense with this pick. Lee is explosively fast and will make this unit even more dangerous.

29. Arizona Cardinals 

 Artie Burns, CB, Miami

Burns brings intensity and playmaking ability to an already strong Cardinals Defense.

30. Carolina Panthers 

 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

Could the Panthers defense get any scarier? Adding Ogbah here should be a definitive answer to that question.

31. Denver Broncos  

 Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State

The Broncos are growing more and more desperate for a quarterback. Hackenberg may not appear ready to lead an NFL team, but he seems to fit the mold of what they are looking for and gives them another arm to throw into the competition.