Predicting Winners of Top WR-CB Battles for Week 6

Dez Bryant vs. Sam Shields:

Image result for dez bryant catch

Both of these players didn’t play in Week 5 and are questionable to even play in Week 6, but in this article, I’m assuming that every player that is questionable will play. If both of these players are healthy, then we will see a rematch of the famous Dez Bryant “catch”. Remember that play? He “caught” that ball over Sam Shields. The speed of Sam Shields versus Dez’s ability to high-point the ball should be a joy to watch. At the end of the day, you can be a very fast corner, but all that Dak has to do is toss the ball up, and Dez will come down with it. Dez has built a whole career off of doing that. I’m not about to doubt him now.

Winner: Dez Bryant

DeAndre Hopkins vs. Vontae Davis:

Image result for deandre hopkins

Is it DeAndre Hopkins or Will Fuller that is the top receiver in Houston? That’s been a pretty hot topic of debate recently, as Fuller has been torching defenses with his speed, and Hopkins has only turned on one 100+ yard day. I’m sticking with Hopkins as the top receiver on this Texans team. He has been for the past two years, so I’m not going to dismiss him supremacy after just five weeks. As far as him versus Vontae Davis, I give Hopkins the edge here. Davis is starting to age, and while he is still a top cornerback, I feel like this is DeAndre’s breakout game this season.

Winner: DeAndre Hopkins

Brandon Marshall vs. Patrick Peterson:

Image result for patrick peterson vs. brandon marshall

It’s hard to think that Brandon Marshall is 32 years old, because he’s playing like he’s still in his prime. The veteran is preparing for life after football, as he has already started a broadcasting career on NFL Network, but the way that he’s playing right now, I don’t think he needs to think about sitting at the booth for another three years. Marshall may be having another Brandon Marshall-type season, but I never bet against Patrick Peterson. He can stay stride for stride with any receiver in the game and is the modern day Houdini, as he makes receivers disappear on the football field. The only way to beat Peterson is to put the ball perfectly overtop of him, an with the way that Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing, I can’t see him being able to do that.

Winner: Patrick Peterson

Amari Cooper vs. Marcus Peters –

Image result for amari cooper vs. marcus peters

Amari Cooper went off against a Jason Verrett-less San Diego Chargers squad. His 138 yards came on 6 catches, and he finally took back the crown of the top receiver in Oakland. Don’t get me wrong, Michael Crabtree is having a fantastic season, but Cooper is and will be the top receiver every time that he steps onto that field. Marcus Peters has given up some big plays this season, but he has also made some huge plays. Peters is prone to give up the big play, but Cooper doesn’t have the long speed to get by Peters, and that’s usually where Peters experiences some issues. Peters will shadow Cooper the whole game and keep him from beating him deep. Advantage: Peters.

Winner: Marcus Peters

Julio Jones vs. Richard Sherman

Image result for julio jones vs. panthers 300 yards

This is the marquee matchup of the week. Of course, there is no guarantee that Sherman will follow Julio all game long, and he probably won’t, because it’s the Seahawks scheme. This has obviously been the big topic of conversation regarding Richard Sherman and his standing among the top corners of the game. In the snaps where he is lined up on Julio, I can’t imagine him getting torched. Sherman will hold his own against Julio Jones, but don’t count on Julio being silent either. This is the closest call of the entire week, but I’ll take Julio Jones. He has a quarterback in Matt Ryan who is incredibly in form, and that is the deciding factor.

Winner: Julio Jones




NFL Fantasy Week 3 Rankings

By LaDonna Williams



  1. Drew Brees vs Atl
  2. Cam Newton vs Min
  3. Ben Roethlisberger vs Phi
  4. Matt Ryan at NO
  5. Aaron Rodgers vs Det
  6. Carson Palmer at Buf
  7. Eli Manning vs Was
  8. Derek Carr at Ten
  9. Andrew Luck vs SD
  10. Blake Bortles vs Bal

Notes: Dak Prescott had a good first two games. He is facing the Bears this Sunday. Also Rookie Trevor Siemian has had impressive first two games as well, Broncos are playing at Cincy.


  1. David Johnson at Buf
  2. DeAngelo Williams vs Phi
  3. Ezekiel Elliott vs Chi
  4. Melvin Gordon at Ind
  5. Matt Forte at KC
  6. Lamar Miller at NE
  7. J. Anderson at Cin
  8. Eddie Lacy vs Det
  9. Demarco Murray vs Oak
  10. Todd Gurley at TB

Notes: With some many RB’s that have gotten hurt last weekend. You may want to look into some backups. Vikings Matt Asiata, Carolina Fozzy Whittaker, Dolphins Jay Ajayi, TB Charles Sims. Also think about starting NE LeGarrette Blount vs Texans.

Wide receivers

  1. Antonio Brown vs Phi
  2. Julio Jones at NO
  3. Odell Beckham Jr. vs Was
  4. Dez Bryant vs Chi
  5. DeAndre Hopkins at NE
  6. Brandin Cooks vs Atl
  7. Mike Evans vs LA
  8. Kelvin Benjamin vs Min
  9. Amari Cooper at Ten
  10. Alshon Jeffery at Dal

Notes: SD Travis Benjamin has been getting the ball more since Keenen went down. Also it looks like Vikings Diggs is one of Bradford’s favorite targets. I can’t forget Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald.

Tight Ends

  1. Jordan Reed at NYG
  2. Greg Olsen vs Min
  3. Delanie Walker vs Oak
  4. Travis Kelce vs NYJ
  5. Julius Thomas vs Bal
  6. Dennis Pitta at Jac
  7. Eric Ebron at GB
  8. Jason Witten vs Chi
  9. Dwayne Allen vs SD
  10. Martellus Bennett vs Hou

Notes: Still it’s unclear if Rob Gronkowski will be back this week.


  1. Adam Vinateri vs SD
  2. Dan Bailey vs Chi
  3. Chandler Catanzaro at Buf
  4. Justin Tucker at Jac
  5. Stephen Gostkowski vs Hou
  6. Matt Bryant at NO
  7. Mason Crosby vs Det
  8. Graham Gano vs Min
  9. Steven Hauschka vs SF
  10. Josh Brown vs Was


  1. Denver Broncos vs Cin
  2. Seattle Seahawks vs SF
  3. Carolina Panthers vs Min
  4. Arizona Cardinals at Buf
  5. Houston Texans at NE
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers at Phi
  7. Cincinnati Bengals at Den
  8. Kansas City Chiefs vs NYJ
  9. Miami Dolphins vs Cle
  10. New England Patriots vs Hou



Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

By LaDonna Williams

Week 2 rankings


  1. Cam vs 49ers
  2. Flacco vs Browns
  3. Carr vs Falcons
  4. Dalton at Steelers
  5. Roethlisberger vs Bengals
  6. Palmer vs Buccaneers
  7. Wentz vs Bears
  8. Bortles at Chargers
  9. Brees at NYG
  10. Stafford vs Titans

Notes: Garoppolo threw 264 yards 1 TD last week. Patriots are playing the Dolphins I can see him on the list for QB’s this week.


  1. Johnson vs Buccaneers
  2. Anderson vs Colts
  3. Freeman vs Raiders
  4. Mccoy at Jets
  5. Ware at Texans
  6. Gurley vs Seahawks
  7. Forsett vs Browns
  8. Murray vs Lions
  9. Peterson vs GB
  10. Elliott vs Redskins

Notes: Jamaal Charles maybe inactive for week 2.


  1. Beckham Jr. vs Saints
  2. Cooper at Falcons
  3. Brown vs Bengals
  4. Jones vs Raiders
  5. Green vs Steelers
  6. Cooks at Giants
  7. Evans at Cardinals
  8. Fitzgerald vs Buccaneers
  9. Matthews vs Bears
  10. Hopkins vs Chiefs

Notes: Although Dez Bryant was held to 8 yards last weekend. Don’t expect that to happen 2 weeks in a row.


  1. Olsen at 49ers
  2. Kelce at Texans
  3. Reed vs Cowboys
  4. Thomas at Chargers
  5. Witten at Redskins
  6. Barnidge vs Ravens
  7. Bennett vs Dolphins
  8. Gates vs Jaguars
  9. Ebron at Titans
  10. Seferian-Jenkins at Cardinals

Notes: Rob Gronkowski is still week to week. His status for starting this week is still unknown.


  1. Broncos vs Colts
  2. Seahawks at Rams
  3. Cardinals vs Buccaneers
  4. Panthers vs 49ers
  5. Texans vs Chiefs
  6. Jets at Bills
  7. Raiders vs Falcons
  8. Ravens at Browns
  9. Patriots vs Dolphins
  10. Packers at Vikings

Week 1 NFL Fantasy Rankings

by LaDonna Williams


  1. Ben Roethlisberger            at Was
  2. Andrew Luck                        vs Det
  3. Aaron Rodgers                     at Jac
  4. Russell Wilson                      vs Mia
  5. Cam Newton                         at Den
  6. Eli Manning                           at Dal
  7. Carson Palmer                     vs NE
  8. Drew Brees                            vs Oak
  9. Brock Osweiler                     vs Chi
  10. Derek Carr                             at NO

QBs to stay away from

Whoever starts for the 49ers. Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick have not proven they are going to have an outstanding season this year. You might not want them on your team at all.

Tannehill playing against Seattle. The blitzing defense and Sherman is regarded as one of the best shutdown cornerbacks. Thomas the best safety for tackling, coverage and helps defensive backs line up in correct places.


  1. Todd Gurley                       at SF
  2. Lamar Miller                      vs Chi
  3. Adrian Peterson               at Ten
  4. David Johnson                   vs NE
  5. Ezekiel Elliott                     vs NYG
  6. Eddie Lacy                           at Jac
  7. Deangelo Williams           at Was
  8. Devonta Freeman             vs TB
  9. LeSean McCoy                    at Bal
  10. Doug Martin                        at Atl

Reason Jamaal Charles isn’t on the list due to his unknown status for the game. Spencer Ware will get the ball, if Charles is out.

RB’s to stay away from

SF Carlos Hyde that line has major issues.

CJ Anderson, who had a mediocre season last year, will not have awesome game against Carolina. Although, Carolina defense wasn’t the best against the run last season. They will get the job done on Thursday.

Jeremy Langford wouldn’t be a good start either. They are playing the Texans and they have one of the best run defenses in the league.



  1. Julio Jones                        vs TB
  2. Antonio Brown               at Was
  3. DeAndre Hopkins          vs Chi
  4. Dez Bryant                        vs NYG
  5. Odell Beckham                 at Dal
  6. Amari Cooper                   at NO
  7. Jordy Nelson                     at Jac
  8. AJ Green                              at NYJ
  9. Allen Robinson                 vs GB
  10. Brandon Marshall            vs Cin

WR’s to stay away from

Victor Cruz, he is just coming back from injury. He will be a little rusty.

Demaryius Thomas the biggest reason his QB. Trevor Siemian isn’t Peyton nor has he had a snap in the NFL.

Josh Gordon, who hasn’t played since 2014, will be suspended for the first game.


  1. Rob Gronkowski       at Ari
  2. Jordan Reed                vs Pit
  3. Greg Olsen                  at Den
  4. Travis Kelce                 vs SD
  5. Gary Barnidge            at Phi
  6. Julius Thomas             vs GB
  7. Delanie Walker          vs Min
  8. Coby Fleener               vs Oak
  9. Zach Ertz                      vs Cle
  10. Jason Witten               vs NYG

TE’s to stay away from

Zach Miller, I see Orton doing horrible against Texans defense. Miller may get the ball just because a double team against Jeffery but not a significant amount.

Any tight end from the Jets… plain and simple they are all horrible.



  1. Panthers           at Den
  2. Seattle               vs Mia
  3. Vikings              at Ten
  4. Rams                   at SF
  5. Green Bay          at Jac
  6. Denver                vs Car
  7. Arizona               vs NE
  8. Houston              vs Chi
  9. Bengals                at NYJ
  10. Patriots                at Ari


  1. Stephen Gostkowski             at Ari
  2. Chandler Catanzaro             vs NE
  3. Steven Hauschka                  vs Mia
  4. Mason Crosby                        at Jac
  5. Graham Gano                         at Den
  6. Dan Bailey                               vs NYG
  7. Justin Tucker                           vs Buf
  8. Blair Walsh                              vs Ten
  9. Chris Boswell                           at Was
  10. Adam Vinatieri                       vs Det

Fantasy Football Rankings

By LaDonna Williams

It’s that time of year again for Fantasy Football! 

Fantasy football is back. This blog will give some insight on who are the top 10 players in each position in the NFL. This is based on strength of schedule, the stats from last year, as well as overall team strength. Rankings will change during the season.

Let’s jump right in with the top 10 quarterbacks of the 2016 season 

Quarterbacks                           Bye Week

  • Cam Newton CAR              7
  • Aaron Rodgers GB             4
  • Russell Wilson SEA           10
  • Drew Brees NO                   5
  • Andrew Luck IND             10
  • Tom Brady NE                    9
  • Carson Palmer ARI           9
  • Ben Roethlisberger PIT   8
  • Eli Manning NYG              8
  • Blake Bortles JAX              5

Top 10 Running backs

  1. Adrian Peterson MIN      6
  2. David Johnson ARI           9
  3. Todd Gurley STL.              8
  4. Ezekiel Elliott DAL          7
  5. Lamar Miller HOU           8
  6. Le’Veon Bell PIT               8
  7. Jamal Charles KC              5
  8. Devonta Freeman ATL    11
  9. Eddie Lacy GB                    4
  10. LeSean McCoy BUF          10

Top 10 Wide Receivers

  1. Antonio Brown PIT           8
  2. Julio Jones ATL                   11
  3. Odell Beckham NYG         8
  4. AJ Green CIN                       9
  5. Dez Bryant DAL                  7
  6. DeAndre Hopkins HOU.  8
  7. Allen Robinson JAX           5
  8. Brandon Marshall NYJ     11
  9. Alshon Jeffery CHI            9
  10. Amari Cooper OAK            10

Top 10 Tight Ends

  1. Rob Gronkowski NE          9
  2. Greg Olsen CAR                  7
  3. Jordan Reed WAS               11
  4. Tyler Eifert CIN                  9
  5. Travis Kelce KC                   9
  6. Gary Barnidge CLE            13
  7. Zach Ertz PHI                      4
  8. Benjamin Watson BAL     8
  9. Julius Thomas JAC              5
  10. Antonio Gates SD               11

Top 10 Kickers

  1. Stephen Gostkowski NE   9
  2. Graham Gano CAR              7
  3. Steven Hauschka SEA        5
  4. Chandler Catanzaro ARI    9
  5. Justin Tucker BAL                8
  6. Dan Bailey DAL                    7
  7. Mason Crosby GB               4
  8. Cairo Santos KC                   5
  9. Brandon McManus DEN    11
  10. Blair Walsh MIN                  6

Top 10 DST

  1. Denver                                     11
  2. Seattle                                      5
  3. Arizona                                    9
  4. Carolina                                   7
  5. Kansas City.                            5
  6. Los Angeles                            8
  7. Minnesota                               6
  8. Houston                                   9
  9. Philadelphia                           4
  10. Pittsburgh                               8



Fantasy Football Secrets for the Underdog Owner

This time last year, if you had somehow managed to draft, Andrew Luck, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordy Nelson, and Jimmy Graham on your fantasy team, then promptly taken a screen shot of your roster and posted it on your Facebook wall, everyone would be raving about how “ridiculous” your team was and how you were going to dominate your league.

On the other hand, if you had drafted, Blake Bortles, Chris Ivory, Latavius Murray, Allen Robinson, Bradin Cooks and Jordan Reed, you would have been laughed right out of your league before you even had a chance to win the Championship.

Do you see now why it doesn’t make much sense to invest all your time in mock drafting, studying last year’s statistics, and seeking out the experts advice on who will have a great fantasy season?

Drafting is more about strategy than about loading your roster with big names.

We all know that running backs get hurt and benched every week, due to injury, poor play, or because of a younger player who’s ready to step up and steal their job. So it’s wise to load up on them early and often, and never carry less than the league max.

Tight ends are a rare breed, and even though they are often overlooked, their points count for just as much as the other positions. It’s not a bad idea now to jump on one or two of the elite ones right away, especially if your league offers a flex. It’s always fun to roll out 2 of the best TE’s while the rest of the managers are scratching around on the waiver wire every week trying to find one.

Even the bad Quarterbacks score decent fantasy points most weeks. So it makes little sense to overspend for one early in the draft, when you can steal one later and still supplement your scoring very well.

Most teams these days are loading up with stars at the #1, #2, and slot receiver positions. If you multiply that by 32, which is the number of teams in the league, you have 96 solid receivers to choose from. That’s why I usually don’t even start thinking about a receiver til round 4. If you decide you need Antonio Brown in the first round, remember that you most likely just missed out on the “7” running backs that rushed for over 1,000 yards last year.

In other words, instead of drafting a top heavy team today, load up with a ton of consistent players who will give you at least 10 points a week, and let them surprise you later on. If you lose a game or two early in the season, that just gives you the opportunity to grab that guy no one had heard of, who just went off in Week 1 or 2, and is currently sitting atop the waiver wire.

If you still doubt me, login into your fantasy account real quick and check out the roster you drafted last year. I think you will be surprised at how different it looks from the roster you started in the last week of the season.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Peter Wiseman’s Fantasy Tips that Pay!

When I first started playing fantasy, it was just a given, your first two picks were always running backs.  Then the NFL changed the rules in favor of offenses, and all of a sudden quarterbacks started popping up in the first 2 rounds. 

Not long after that, PPR leagues started to spring up, and a few years into that faze people realized that if you had one of the later picks in your draft, you could give yourself a definite edge by grabbing the two best receivers while everyone else was sorting through the running back rubble. 
Now it doesn’t seem to matter at all. In recent years fantasy drafts have become a free for all. I’ve seen quarterbacks taken #1 overall and tight ends taken as high as 6th overall. Nobody seems to follow any kind of strategy anymore.
This is a perfect lead into my first tip.

1. ALWAYS! Ignore the auto draft suggestions.

Last year they told you to draft Eddie Lacy first overall. Having a bust like that, can not only get you off to a bad start and put a damper on your whole season, it can give your opponents a clear cut advantage.

My advice is to take some time to study and list your picks in order of importance. Make sure you know exactly who you want and when. Then you can cross them off as they are selected during the draft.Not only does that allow you to look ahead while still keeping your place, but it makes it obvious when a value pick is about to fall into your lap. 

Also keep a notebook and pen handy (unless you are drafting online) and write down every selection both you and every other manager takes. It sounds like a lot of work for an event that is supposed to be fun, but it will pay major dividends in alerting you how long you can wait on a “sleeper,” by whether or not the other teams are filled up at his position.

2. Running Back is the most vital position in the draft.

You will most likely need to start at least two running backs in most leagues. The bad news is there are increasingly less and less good ones every year. Unless you pay very close attention to numbers, this stat might just blow your mind. In 2015 there were only seven running backs with over 1,000 yards. That’s down from 13 in 2014 and 2013, and 16 in 2012.

The top rusher in 2015 had 1,485 yards. That would have only been good enough for 5th place in 2012.

I’m not necessarily telling you to draft a running back in the first round. I’m just saying that if you get one of the good ones you give yourself a direct advantage, and if by some chance you get two, you should have no problem owning your league. The hard part about that is, drafting a running back is far from an exact science. Over the last 3 years only one back appears in the top 5 more than once.

 So it would be impossible to tell you who to draft but I can tell you who to avoid.
Avoid running backs who are prone to injury. Avoid running backs who are prone to suspension. By all means, avoid running backs who are prone to injury and suspension no matter how damn good he is. 
The good news in this day and age is, that since running backs aren’t very durable or reliable, you have a good chance of finding a decent backup on the waiver wire as the season progresses.

So what do you do if you aren’t able to draft one of the elite running backs?

3. Tight ends are becoming a more viable option.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few decent pass catching tight ends last year, but still not enough for everyone in an 8 person league to have a legitimate starter. That’s what makes tight end the 2nd most important position in fantasy. 
In recent past, most managers would wait til the late rounds and gamble on a sleeper. That can be an exciting strategy to employ, but if you miss, you leave yourself with a major liability at a position that you will be constantly trying to fill. You will find yourself using waiver wire choices that you could have been using on more important positions like running back.

If taking chances is something you enjoy, a more exciting strategy, with even higher reward, is drafting the top two tight ends. Now that most leagues give you a flex option, you can start both on a weekly basis. Plus, you won’t have a drop off in case of injury or during the bye week.

However, the biggest benefit is that you will leave the other managers with even fewer options. Imagine the frustration they will feel when you are rolling out the two best players at a position where they are constantly sifting through scrubs.

Drafting tight ends isn’t an exact science either but their are a few tips to follow that can help you out.

Draft players that have been good for awhile. Unlike the running back position, tight ends are usually very consistent. 
 Draft tight ends that play alongside top QBs. Think Brady-Gronk, Brees-Graham, Peyton-Thomas, Romo-Witten, Newton-Olsen. Tight ends thrive on touchdown numbers, so make sure your’s has a guy that can get him the ball when it matters most. 

4. Quarterback is the Wild Card position.

Besides being awarded the first overall selection, there is no better feeling in fantasy than drafting that big named QB and feeling like you’ve already won the championship. Yes, it is an unmatched feeling, and while it does seem to give you stability at the position with the most consistent chance at a high scoring week, there is a very apparent glitch in that line of thinking in this era of football.

Last year the highest passing TD total for a QB was 36. There were ten other players who threw for at least 31 TDs, and ten more who had at least 20.

Is it really worth burning a top pick on a +A player when you can wait until everyone else gets their starter and still get an A rated player? 
I usually wait til everyone else has selected one or two QBs before I make my move, and still end up with two or three quality starters.
The only real exception I see, is a guy who can throw for 35 TDs and run for 10 more without his top receiver, who by the way, will be coming back next year. In that scenario I would definitely consider spending a 2nd or 3rd round pick. 

5. You should never even think about touching a receiver before the 4th or 5th round!

Am I crazy? 

Won’t the top playmakers definitely be gone by then?   
The jury is still out on the first part… 
But you have to remember “brains not names” are what is going to win you the trophy.

Consider this. In 2015, 23 receivers had over 1,000 yards. That means if every pick (besides yours of course) in the first two rounds was spent on a WR, you would still have the ability to add five 1,000 yard pass catchers to your roster. 

You’re right. Your guys may not be human highlight reels, but they won’t have cost you the prettiest penny either, and should give you a brilliant return on your investment. Let the other guys waste their picks on splashy players. Spend yours on the guys who make sense. 

6. Load up on running backs.

Because the position is so inconsistent and injury prone, you can never have enough ball carriers. I never carry any less than the league maximum.
In an era in which the NFL is ruled by running back committees, you never know who is going to get hot and when. 
After the first few weeks everyone is looking to replace their guys who flopped, went down with an injury, or just flat out sucked. If for some reason you have too many running backs, don’t panic, they make excellent trade bait.

7. Consistentcy is key.

Its always nice to have those games where 4 or 5 guys go off for 40+ points, you bury your opponent and have the best score of the week. 

Just remember, whether it’s by 1 point or 150 points, a win is a win, and if the same player that went off this week drops a goose egg the next, he is a liability to your team. 
I would rather have a guy that consistently averages 10-15 points then a guy who drops 30 this week and 0 the next.As a matter of fact, I will cut the roller coaster kid in a heartbeat before letting him take me on a wild ride. Let someone else deal with the headache.

8. Do not draft a Kicker or a Defense.

By the end of most drafts, managers are so tired of sifting through the spoils that they usually just grab a kicker or defense quick before they log off of their lap top, or start pounding beers with their buddies.

Chances are those selections won’t even be on your roster on opening day, and you will wish you had used the pick on one of those high potential rookies who was just drafted into a high power offense. 
Unless you have one of the very elite defenses or Stephen Gostkowski, the value of most of those units are determined more by the opposing offenses depravity than by their own skill. That is exactly why someone came up with the idea of “streaming.”

Once again, it takes a little bit of time and elbow grease but you will find it is well worth the extra effort.

9. The three year rule for receivers no longer applies.

With quarterbacks throwing the ball up with record setting numbers, receivers are settling in with unprecedented ease.
It is no longer irrational to take a flier on a rookie or even a sophomore receiver.
Just beware, because even though they can drop earth shattering numbers in a certain stretch of games, they are still inexperienced and can disappear for an equally baffling amount of time.

10. Always start your studs.

There is no worse feeling than watching your best player torch an opposing defense, and then remembering that he is sitting on your bench because the experts told you he was due for an off week. If you aren’t confident that your top players can perform on a weekly basis, then maybe they aren’t truly a top player.

11. Relax, kick back, and trust your gut.

Off course fantasy season is going to be stressful. That’s what makes it so worth it when you finally put the trophy up on your mantle at the end of the year. However, it can also be one of the most fun and exciting experiences of the season if you take a bit of time to prepare.

Just remember that the experts are wrong as often as they are right. 

So after you scour through your fantasy magazine a couple of times. Throw it away.  
And delete this article as soon as you finish reading it.

Then put all your faith in the only person that can win next year’s league for you.