The 2016 Packers Offense is Getting Set Up to be the Best Ever…

Going into 2015, the Packers offense was set to explode.

They had the best quarterback in the league coming off of his 2nd MVP season. 

A thunder and lightning running back duo…

A top rated offensive line…


And the best receiver combo in the league…


 Jordy Nelson’s year ending injury in the preseason threw a monkey wrench into what appeared to be a deep and dangerous, well oiled machine.

The o-line faltered on a regular basis. The run game was highly inconsistent. The receivers struggled to stay on the field and couldn’t run a route or catch the ball to save their life, and all of those factors seemed to rattle Aaron Rodgers, who struggled to stay focused in the red zone.


The good news is Jordy Nelson is back, way ahead of schedule, and set to mentor a receiving core that is brimming with talent.


That will allow Randall Cobb to resume his role as the number two receiver and a versatile playmaker with mind numbing ability.

James Starks is re-signed, and Eddie Lacy is looking fit and trim and ready to eat defenses alive again.

The Packers also bolstered their tight end group by adding Jared Cook in free agency. He is set to be a force in the middle of the field, so Richard Rodgers can once again focus on dominating in the red zone.


Now that defenses have to focus extra attention on Nelson on the outside, and Cook up the middle, the o-line should be able to get their feet back under them and re-established their dominance, which should help A-Rod get comfortable again, and open up more holes for Lacy and Starks. 

This should help the young players like Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery, Jared Abbrederis, Jeff Janis and Richard Rodgers be able to continue to develop their skills and maturity.

If all of these things fall into place as the Packers hope. This could turn out to be the best offense the Packers have ever had. 


If Aaron Rodgers can maintain the rythmn he had in the playoffs this could become the best offense of all time.

Shame on Bucks Fans!

This season started out almost exactly like it should have for a team in their second year of rebuilding.

They were sloppy and had no chemistry. They made bad passes and missed easy shots. They struggled on defense…

but nobody seemed to understand.

How could this be happening?

The year before they won 41 games and made the playoffs, even without injured rookie, Jabari Parker, for most of the season.

Now Parker was coming back and they added coveted big man, Greg Monroe, to help with scoring and rebounding in the post. 


Fans were going insane with the possibilities. 

They could win 60 games.

They could lock up a top spot in the East.

Hell, do we dare say, “They could win it all?”

I get it. The natural progression after having a good year, and then adding star players, seems to be a better season.

I can’t blame fans for thinking that way, because most of the general managers in all 4 major sports still haven’t figured that out.

“Winning”…in the words of Yogi Berra…”is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”

The Bucks definitely have the physical ability to win now. They are tall, young, and athletic. They’ve got ups and jams. 


They just don’t have the experience and maturity yet.

That’s precisely why they can dominate the best team in the league and then fall flat on their faces. 


And it’s exactly why you don’t get overly excited about a team that had the worst record in the league just two years ago, and who’s stars where still in diapers when Tim Duncan was drafted into the league.

However, that doesn’t  mean you can’t be proud of them and support them.

Giannis Antetokounmpo just became the first Milwaukee Buck in history to record 4 triple doubles in a season.  


A season where his own fans are cheering for him to fail.


They want him to tank this season, so the Bucks can “possibly” win the lottery and add another inexperienced young star who will take time to gel with the team and develop.

Because they haven’t  learned yet that adding talent doesn’t equal instant improvement.

Because the Greg Monroe signing wasn’t enough to prove to them that changing the chemistry of a team can actually make you take a step back.

Despite all of that, Jabari, Giannis, and Khris, want to play their hearts out now. Even if they finish the season with a very mediocre record, miss the playoffs, and get a lousy pick in the draft. 

Who are we not to cheer for them? 


To not be proud of them for giving their all in the middle of a hopeless season?

Isn’t that even more impressive then if they won a ring?

Isn’t the confidence that they are gaining from this struggle exactly what’s going to win them one of those rings someday?

Would they be better off adapting a loser mentality now, just to try to change that later in order to win?

This team has 3 of the best up and coming  young stars in the league and are possibly on their way to dominance. 


Even if they aren’t, they are doing things that we have the honor of appreciating and celebrating righ now.

Get behind your team Bucks fans, or you just might miss out on something amazing.

You may just learn that the future is already in progress.

Falcons All-Time Receiver Let Go After 11 Years in Atlanta. Could be headed for Titans or Bucs…

Roddy White was one of the most explosive receivers in the league until injuries and a freakish athlete, Julio Jones, put a damper on a brilliant career. 

At 34 years old, and now a free agent White feels he still has a couple of years left in the tank.
I’m intrigued to find out which team will give him a chance.

His numbers, 43 receptions, 506 yards, and 1 touchdown, were down quite a bit from 2014 when he had 80 receptions, for 921 yards, and 7 TDs, in just 14 games.

His touchdown numbers have been in decline for quite some time, but that seems more a product of quarterback, Matt Ryan, preferring other receivers, and the Falcons penchant for punching in the ball on the ground.

Even after an off year, White should be able to provide vitality for a team in need of a big play threat, much like Brandon Marshall did for the Jets following an off year with the Bears. 

When asked where he would like to go, White simply stated that he’s “A Southern guy.”
Two of White’s former offensive coordinators, Dirk Koetter and Mike Mularkey are now head coaches of southern teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans respectively.

With a Clear-Cut Front Runner at the Quarterback Position, the #1 pick in the 2016 Draft Suddenly Becomes Far Less Boring…

Going into the combine, most experts seemed fairly convinced about how the first two picks in this year’s draft would play out.

Theoretically the Tennessee Titans would draft Laremy Tunsil and the Cleveland Browns would choose from one of the many names being thrown around at what appeared to be a fairly weak quarterback position. 


So far the name mentioned the most, in regards to the Browns, had been Cal quarterback, Jared Goff.

However, not even the people who were saying it sounded convinced that he was a top two pick.

There were also other intruiging names out there like Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook and Carson Wentz, but would the Browns be willing to risk making anything but the safest pick in attempting to break their quarterback curse? 


Lynch’s style might be a bit unpredictable for some critic’s taste.

Cook would probably have too high of a learning curve for a team needing to win immediately.

Wentz had huge success but at a small school.

Then that all changed.

Since Wentz has seemingly legitimized his numbers by having a terrific combine, he was able to get the rumor mill going at full force. 

Now it’s being said that the Titans who just so happened to draft their franchise quarterback with the 2nd overall pick in 2015, are very content with their current left tackle and weren’t planning on drafting o-line with their pick in the first place.

As a matter of fact, it seems they may have their sights set on a certain cornerback and just may be willing to trade down to get him.

Ironically, that very corner has been predicted by many experts to fall to one of the spots directly below the Cowboys who have the 4th overall pick and who were also rumored to have had interest in Wentz even before the combine ever began. 


Just a few days ago the first overall pick seemed to have very little trade value…

Is it possible that the Titans feel that has abruptly changed and have decided to capitalize on their good fortune by selecting a possible trade partner who may be willing to leapfrog the Browns to grab Wentz?

That would put Cleveland in an even more precarious situation if their mind is set on Wentz being the savior of their franchise.

Would they be willing to get into a dog-fight with the Cowboys or possibly another team, to make a trade that would allow them to move up one spot, just to put even more pressure on the young quarterback?

I mean, after spending 7 of their 12 picks on defense in last year’s draft and also  adding an Offensive Lineman, Wide Receiver, Half Back, Tight End and a Full Back, haven’t the Browns set themselves up perfectly to take a quarterback in the first round this year?

Any other time I would cross my fingers that Cleveland would choose any other position in the draft, but for some reason this year taking a quarterback just seems to make perfect sense.

They are only one year removed from a 7-9 season and may be getting Josh Gordon back in 2016. With the right signal caller in place, they could possibly surprise the league and make another run at the playoffs.

In the meantime, the Cowboys are trying to deflect attention by making it very clear that they are sold on Tony Romo and plan on making a pick that will allow them to win now. 


But when’s the last time we’ve known them to make a rational decision?

And even if they did, there are plenty of other teams who would benefit from moving up.

The Rams just cleared some cap space and would probably love to make an even bigger splash during their return to Los Angeles.

The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick don’t seem sure about their feelings for each other.

Sam Bradford’s Philadelphia experiment has apparently gone awry…

And Hell, even the Chargers could consider moving up.

However, it’s possible that after all this,  the Titans really do just want Jalen Ramsey. 


Or maybe…

They were able to see into the future well enough to realize, that if they confused all of those other teams and got them into a bidding war…

They might end up with a butt load of draft picks and still be able to steal Laremy Tunsil.