The Work-In Progress: Dallas Cowboys Week 2

The Dallas Cowboys squeaked out a win against the Washington Redskins on Sunday.   It would be proper to thank the Redskins organization this week for not picking Alfred Morris’ contract up and for their center, who with his ten second run-off sealed the game for the Cowboys.  Although it wasn’t a pretty win, it was a win none-the-less and the Cowboys remain a work in progress.

The offense actually found the redzone more than once this week.  It was nice to see Dallas not relying on the foot of Dan Bailey.   Dak Prescott got his first NFL touchdown by rushing for 6 yards and rookie Zeke Elliott had a rushing touchdown.  The touchdown that really burns Redskins fans is the Morris one, where the offensive line opened up a wide hole and he walked on in to seal the go-ahead touchdown.

While the offense for the most part clicked on all cylinders, the defense was still wishy-washy at best, however, when it counted the defense dug deep and found a way to make big plays and stops when it needed.

Overall, this game was a much better team effort than last week’s one point lost to the Giants. 

Dak went deep, but in order to crown him the next best thing, he has to show that he can consistently go deep and connect on long passes.  This way, the defense can’t completely stack the box against the run for fear of being burned by the long pass.  He has proven that he has what it takes to play in high pressured games and keep his composure.

There was also someone missing in action all day yesterday.  There was a lot of Butler sighting but Terrance Williams was MIA.  Dallas could have used Williams to help kill time on the final drive, after all he proved he was good for that last week against the Giants. 

Dez Bryant showed up to do more than play tickle tag.  For only the second time in Bryant’s career he had over 100 yards against the Redskins.   Not only did Dez show up, he also caught the ball.  It’s the small things that count.

On offense, the chemistry is beginning to show through, slowly but surely.  The more these players work with Prescott as their quarterback, the more trust they have as an offensive unit.  It can only get better from here.

My only bone to pick here is with Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan.  I am still unsure as to why they would attempt an on-side kick with the lead.  It was a huge fail and good thing it didn’t lead to a touchdown.  It’s still mind boggling as to why Garrett has a job still.

The Cowboys are still a work in progress, but slowly but surely they are finding their chemistry on offense and in survival mode on defense.  This team should keep fans on their roller coaster ride, but that’s nothing fans don’t expect from this organization.