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Eagles vs Bears MNF recapĀ 

Written by Ralph Uriarte

Eagles 29 Bears 14

The Bears were listed as 3 point favorites and the Eagles had only beat the Browns, nobody, according to fans across the NFL. 

The Eagles rookie qb Carson Wentz was playing his first NFL road game, he had to learn silent count and get on the same page as his center and only had a week to do it. 

Ashlon Jeffrey is a beast of a receiver and Leodis McKelvin was out of the game, leaving 7th round rookie Jalen Mills against Jeffrey. 

When the game started, the first drive drive seen a sack by Malcolm Jenkins and a Bears punt. The next drive seen Wentz and the Eagles march down the field in a no huddle no back set, the Bears held on in the red zone and forced a field goal.

The Bears missed a field goal and the Eagles again marched down to kick more field goals again. 

The Bears scored after a 49 yard catch by Jeffrey on Mills, combined with a pass interference call on Nolan Carroll.  

Score is 9-7 at the half. Not a bad game, both defenses had nullified the run to that point. 

The second half was all Eagles. The Eagles sacked Cutler again and again. The last one by Destiny Vaeao injured Cutler’s hand and ultimately took him out of the game. It was only after Cutler threw an interception that ended up forcing him to let trainers examine his hand. He finished with a fumble and a interception. 

The Bears defense suffered multiple injuries and the Eagles ran the ball down their throat with a 4 back rotation. Converting on fourth down to keep a drive alive,  and scoring on another fourth down for one of two Ryan Mathews touchdowns.

The Bears returned a punt for points late in the fourth quarter but it was the Carson Wentz show at Soldier Field. Kicker  Caleb Sturgis looked as if he may have had an injury, but Coach Pederson said it was just a cramp. Sturgis not being 100% forced the 4th down touchdown try that worked. 

  • Carson Wentz 21/34 190 yards 1 TD 0 INT
  • Darren Sproles 12 carries 40 yards 0 TD
  • Ryan Mathews 9 carries 32 yards 2 TD
  • Jordan Mathews 6 receptions 71 yards 0 TD
  • Trey Burton 5 receptions 49 yards 1 TD
  • Nelson Agholor 4 receptions 42 yards

Jordan Mathews dropped a sure touchdown in the end zone, causing Eagles fans around the country to scream at their tv’s, hopefully it doesn’t become a habit like last season. Overall he was great and its obvious he and Wentz have chemistry. 

Nelson Agholor had a good game but could been great if he didn’t repeatedly lose the fight for jump balls. He also was on the receiving end of blatant pass interference, but the referees chose not to see it and force the Eagles to punt on that drive. 

Trey Burton was in the game for Zak Ertz and he had an outstanding game. I think we’ll be just fine until Ertz comes back.

The Eagles have the Steelers on Sunday at home for the biggest test of the season. 

NFC East Sunday Wrap Up

Written by Ralph Uriarte

Dallas 27 Washington 24

The game feature two NFC East teams both lost week one. The loser was going to be 0-2 to start the season an neither team wanted that hanging over their heads. The game played out like most NFC East divisional games, hard fought and close to the very end..

Dak Prescott was nearly flawless, Kirk Cousins threw for plenty of yards, but Cousins lone mistake would prove costly. Barry Church intercepted Cousins in the end zone to rob Washington of guaranteed points.

  • Dak Prescott- 22/30 278 yards 1 rushing TD 0 INT
  • Kirk Cousins- 28/46 350 yards 1 TD 1 INT

The rushing was about even, Matt Jones scored for Washington and Ezekiel Elliott scored for Dallas. The knife in the back was Alfred Morris, who carried the rock past the goal line after Zeke fumbled for his second time in the game. Dallas recovered both fumbles. Morris as you may remember came to Dallas as a free agent from Washington.

  • Matt Jones- 13 carries 61 yards 1 TD
  • Alfred Morris- 5 carries 7 yards 1 TD
  • Ezekiel Elliott- 21 carries 83 yards 1 TD

Prior to the game, Washington announced they would not put their newly signed big free agent corner over Dez Bryant, the team had faith in Breeland. Breeland was torched last week by Antonio Brown, but he has usually fared well against Dez Bryant. This time, Breeland didn’t do so well. Dez torched Breeland and eventually Washington gave in and let Norman follow Dez around the field and he fared much better than Breeland had.

When Breeland was covering Dez, Prescott took full advantage of the mismatch and made Washington pay dearly for the mistake.

When Norman was covering Dez and their was good coverage on Witten, Prescott found another favorite target, Cole Beasley. The little guy continued to carve up the Washington defense every time they forgot about him.

  • Dez Bryant- 7 receptions 102 yards
  • Cole Beasley- 5 receptions 75 yards

In the end, one costly interception cost Washington the game and now they sit 0-2 to begin the season.

Giants 16  Saints 13

I expected a high scoring game of gunslinger like the last time these two teams met last year. That was very much not the case today.

The Giants won the game without a single offensive touchdown. The only touchdown scored by the Giants was a missed field goal returned for a touchdown by Janoris Jenkins. The rest of the Giants points were put up by kicker Josh Brown.

I knew the Giants had problems, but come one, seriously? and Drew Brees, you too? Brees had one touchdown to Willie Snead for 17 yards and that’s it.

Both teams should be ashamed, This game was atrocious, the Giants had three turnovers to go with their 417 total yards.

  • Eli Manning- 32/41 368
  • Drew Brees- 29/44 263 1 TD

All those yards and not much to show for it, other than field goals.

One thing is certain, the NFC East will belong to which ever team screws up the least. The Giants are 2-0 with this abysmal performance and they snuck out of Dallas with a win last week because T.Willy doesn’t know how to get out of bounds. The Giants have lady luck in their corner thus far. Let’s see how far she takes them.

Be sure to check out my article tomorrow on the Eagles MNF game.



Relax, It’s Only Preseason

Football is back and after months and months of waiting, It is finally here, But we might be a little too excited.

Fans across the country clamored about their favorite teams these last few days as the preseason has begun. Rivals point and laugh if a new acquisitions don’t shine right away. Fans of teams who win start telling everyone who will listen that their team will go to the Super Bowl now. Everyone needs to sit back down and relax for a few minutes.

It’s only preseason, a lot of starting quarterbacks aren’t even playing. Teams who do play their starting offense do not do so for very long. The preseason has a purpose and it is not for teams to prove who’s better.

The preseason is for coaches to evaluate talent. The 90 man roster has to be cut down to 53 eventually, coaches want to see how players do in a game situation. The rookie who stands out in camp might not do the same in an NFL game, and likewise, the player who doesn’t exactly practice well can shine brightly in a game situation.

It doesn’t matter to some fans though. They will call a win a win and use every form of social media to brag about their second and third string team beating another teams second and third string team. That’s your decision, who am I to stop you? But, remember, I don’t want you complaining if that same team that lost in preseason thumps everyone in the regular season. It happens every single year.

The opposite is true as well, The “Preseason Champion” often struggles during the regular season, much to the dismay of fans who got their hopes up. Only to be left heartbroken.

Go ahead and enjoy football, it’s back, and we all missed it. But, don’t fall for the hype. It’s only preseason.

Marvin Harrison and Philadelphia

During Marvin Harrison’s Hall of Fame induction speech, he made a comment about  Philadelphia that doesn’t sit well with some.

The exact quote was “I’m from Philadelphia, home of the Eagles” Harrison said “If you get the coin toss wrong, they want to trade you first thing Monday morning, so I wasn’t used to that in Indianapolis”

Many Philadelphia fans were upset, but many fans “owned” it. The Eagles fan base is notorious for not being friendly when things don’t go right. The chant goes “We’re from Philly, no one likes us and we don’t care”. Does that sound like a fan base that easily gets offended? Not likely.Listening to local Philadelphia radio, most fans are proud of the stigma. Eagles fans can be mean and nasty, yes, they threw snowballs at Santa and batteries as well. They throw beer in particular. Fans will boo their own team for having to punt.

You think those kinds of fans care than Marvin Harrison doesn’t like them? It’s not like he’s all that innocent either, remember when Harrison was accused of attempted murder on a drug dealer? A drug dealer who a short time later ended up dead. Way to be an upstanding citizen Mr Harrison.
So no, Eagles fans don’t care that Marvin Harrison doesn’t like them. Maybe they are mean and nasty, but at the end of the day, they are loyal to their team. Eagles fans have been waiting for a NFL championship since 1960, so of course they have reason to be a little angry.

Eagles fans still show up to games every Sunday during the regular season, win or lose. 

“We’re from Philly, no one likes us and we don’t care”.