Rookie Spotlight: De’Vondre Campbell

As Falcons training camp continues to grind on, many players are starting to make their presence known to the coaching staff and fans alike. While the veterans are pretty much penciled in as starters (Julio Jones, Matt Ryan), the rookies are trying to make a impression because this may be their only shot to make the team. Even though alot of praise has been heaped upon first round pick Keanu Neal. Another rookie who is making quite an impression is the Falcons fourth round pick out of the University of Minnesota, Linebacker De’Vondre Campbell.

Campbell, a two year starter at Minnesota, is a physical specimen (6’4″, 232 pounds)  and has the speed (4.58 40-time) to run sideline to sideline and downhill. Campbells attributes are exactly what Head Coach Dan Quinn wants in his defense. As a senior, Campbell had 92 tackles (6.5 tackles for losses) 4 sacks, and 3 passes defensed, earning him All Big 10 Honorable Mention.

Coaches and fans alike have been impressed with his play, whether it was covering a running back, wide receiver or rushing the passer, Campbell has been on full display in training camp. He is expected to compete with veteran linebackers Philip Wheeler and Sean Weatherspoon for the weakside linebacker spot, but if he continues to shine in training camp as he has been, there is no doubt he can become a Week 1 starter this season.

Thon Maker: International Man of Mystery, Lands in Milwaukee with 10th Overall Selection 

The Bucks love young, tall, versatile, athletic players, with ridiculous wingspans. They get just that with the Sudanese born world traveler.

The biggest question critics are asking  about Maker, is whether or not the 7-foot-1, 216 pounder, who measures 7,3″ from fingertip to fingertip, is big and strong enough to compete with NBA sized post players?

 After watching him consistently drain shots from behind the arc, spin past hapless opponents, slice to the basket, thread passes between defenders legs, and finish with explosive dunks, it seems, what they should be asking,  is whether or not their is anyone in the league who is athletic enough to keep up with him.  

He’s raw, and somewhat untested, but he has no lack of world experience. He escaped a war torn country as a child and used determination and witt to hop around the globe on his way to Milwaukee.

The Bucks have built a team of players without a true position, who use their remarkable skills to define themselves. They were looking for a post player who could add to that, and now they have him.

“He can stretch the floor right now. Give him a little time to gain some strength and we think he has the chance to be a special player.” Bucks General Manager, John Hammond, said about Maker. “He’s got some steps to go through, but if you watch him he’s really multidimensional. His experience is limited but he has a great feel of the game.”

With all the talent the Bucks currently have on their roster, it’s easy for fans to get caught up in a win now mentality. The  team has promised to “Own the Future” and it looks like that is what they continue to plan to do.

When asked what position Maker will play, Hammond answered, “We’re going to figure it out. We have a vision.”

It hard to know exactly what the Bucks have up their sleeve for this tremendously talented player, but that will just add to the excitement as the mystery continues to unfold.

With a Clear-Cut Front Runner at the Quarterback Position, the #1 pick in the 2016 Draft Suddenly Becomes Far Less Boring…

Going into the combine, most experts seemed fairly convinced about how the first two picks in this year’s draft would play out.

Theoretically the Tennessee Titans would draft Laremy Tunsil and the Cleveland Browns would choose from one of the many names being thrown around at what appeared to be a fairly weak quarterback position. 


So far the name mentioned the most, in regards to the Browns, had been Cal quarterback, Jared Goff.

However, not even the people who were saying it sounded convinced that he was a top two pick.

There were also other intruiging names out there like Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook and Carson Wentz, but would the Browns be willing to risk making anything but the safest pick in attempting to break their quarterback curse? 


Lynch’s style might be a bit unpredictable for some critic’s taste.

Cook would probably have too high of a learning curve for a team needing to win immediately.

Wentz had huge success but at a small school.

Then that all changed.

Since Wentz has seemingly legitimized his numbers by having a terrific combine, he was able to get the rumor mill going at full force. 

Now it’s being said that the Titans who just so happened to draft their franchise quarterback with the 2nd overall pick in 2015, are very content with their current left tackle and weren’t planning on drafting o-line with their pick in the first place.

As a matter of fact, it seems they may have their sights set on a certain cornerback and just may be willing to trade down to get him.

Ironically, that very corner has been predicted by many experts to fall to one of the spots directly below the Cowboys who have the 4th overall pick and who were also rumored to have had interest in Wentz even before the combine ever began. 


Just a few days ago the first overall pick seemed to have very little trade value…

Is it possible that the Titans feel that has abruptly changed and have decided to capitalize on their good fortune by selecting a possible trade partner who may be willing to leapfrog the Browns to grab Wentz?

That would put Cleveland in an even more precarious situation if their mind is set on Wentz being the savior of their franchise.

Would they be willing to get into a dog-fight with the Cowboys or possibly another team, to make a trade that would allow them to move up one spot, just to put even more pressure on the young quarterback?

I mean, after spending 7 of their 12 picks on defense in last year’s draft and also  adding an Offensive Lineman, Wide Receiver, Half Back, Tight End and a Full Back, haven’t the Browns set themselves up perfectly to take a quarterback in the first round this year?

Any other time I would cross my fingers that Cleveland would choose any other position in the draft, but for some reason this year taking a quarterback just seems to make perfect sense.

They are only one year removed from a 7-9 season and may be getting Josh Gordon back in 2016. With the right signal caller in place, they could possibly surprise the league and make another run at the playoffs.

In the meantime, the Cowboys are trying to deflect attention by making it very clear that they are sold on Tony Romo and plan on making a pick that will allow them to win now. 


But when’s the last time we’ve known them to make a rational decision?

And even if they did, there are plenty of other teams who would benefit from moving up.

The Rams just cleared some cap space and would probably love to make an even bigger splash during their return to Los Angeles.

The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick don’t seem sure about their feelings for each other.

Sam Bradford’s Philadelphia experiment has apparently gone awry…

And Hell, even the Chargers could consider moving up.

However, it’s possible that after all this,  the Titans really do just want Jalen Ramsey. 


Or maybe…

They were able to see into the future well enough to realize, that if they confused all of those other teams and got them into a bidding war…

They might end up with a butt load of draft picks and still be able to steal Laremy Tunsil.

One of the Top Players in the 2016 NFL Draft is Campaigning to be a Green Bay Packer…

Reggie Ragland has made it clear he would love to be drafted by the Packers this year.


“I did meet with them, and they talked to me about that they needed a linebacker on the inside,” Ragland said. “And if they had the opportunity, I think they would. But I’m not sure. It all depends when draft day comes.”

“But they said they really need an inside linebacker, so they can move Clay (Matthews) back on the outside. If they get me, it would be a blessing in disguise because Green Bay’s always been one of my favorite teams growing up as a kid.”

How can you deny him that right? 


Especially when inside linebacker, the position he plays so passionately, is one of, if not the biggest position of need for Green Bay this upcoming season.

What makes this interesting though, and even a bit complicated, is that he is projected to go in the top 20 of this year’s draft and the Packers first selection is the 27th pick.

That means that Packers General Manager Ted Thompson would probably need to wheel and deal to get Ragland for his team. 


The only timeThompson has made a deal to move up in the draft was to grab linebacker Clay Matthews whom Ragland would most likely replace in the middle, as Matthews has made it clear he wants to move back to an outside linebacker spot.


I’m sure Packer fans would welcome Ragland to join fellow Alabama stars Eddie Lacy and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, who have enjoyed success in their young careers,  even if it came at the price of an extra draft pick or two.

The Packers have a hungry young defense that could use another playmaker  that understands and plays the game at the level Ragland does.

“It would mean a lot to me that I came out there and I worked hard through the process that they really wanted me that bad to trade up for me,” said Ragland. 

“That means I really got to come in, whoever it is. If that happens, whoever it is, I’ve got to come out there and just play hard and prove to them I that they made the right decision by trading up to get me.” 


Packer fans are hungry for another difference making star to propel their team forward and since Green Bay’s front office is dedicated to building through the draft this seems like a fair compromise and possibly a perfect match.

The draft is still a ways off and only time will tell if the Packers front office can make Reggie Ragland’s Green and Gold wish one true.

The Quarterback Conundrum in the NFL Draft…and other ways GM’s make a mess of the league.

There are at least 4 quarterbacks that I have seen regularly projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft.  

With the success Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota had last year I can kind of understand the optimism.

But for every success story there is a Jamarcus Russell or Johnny Manziel waiting to laugh in your face. 

Worst of all is the daunting fact of how many talented QBs Cleveland has ruined for the rest of the league and yet experts are still encouraging the Browns to take a chance on another one this year. 


I get it. In this day and age you have to have a serviceable quarterback to make the playoffs. If you look at the teams that made it this year most of them had top notch passers.

What people are missing is that most of those quarterbacks were surrounded by premier offensive weapons and stellar defenses.

In reality, the four top quarterbacks in this draft shouldn’t go any earlier than the third or fourth round.

However GMs are in such a hurry to get their dirty paws on a great passer that they give up gold to get a guy that is barely worth bronze. 

Instead, they should spend their picks on building up their teams so that eventually they can plug a guy into their offense when he is ready, rather than making him try to carry the load all by himself.

The Browns seem to have finally figured it out last year when they spent 8 of their 12 picks on defense and the rest on offense without touching a quarterback.

By raising the value of the quarterbacks teams are spending way to much on the wrong guys.

Yes, the Broncos had Peyton Manning but we know it wasn’t his 9 TDs and 17 interceptions that got them to the Super Bowl.  


With these pass happy offenses even guys like Tyrod Taylor can go over 20 TDs.

So it’s time to start realizing QBs are not that important anymore if you have the right guys surrounding them.

Would you put a souped up V12 with turbo boost on a beat up rust bucket and expect maximum performance?

So why do we throw our future franchise quarterback into a mess and expect him to perform up to specs?

I’ll admit, Andrew Luck took off fast and made a bunch of noise. But then look at what happened. He burned out quickly. 

Guys like Blake Bortles and Derek Carr didn’t shoot up so quickly but are climbing steadily because they have a full set of weapons surrounding them.

There are teams like the Cowboys, Rams and Eagles who could benefit from adding a quarterback this year but even these teams have bigger holes that they should be plugging in the first few rounds. 


For example, what if the Browns or Vikings had spent the picks they used on quarterbacks in 2014 to acquire Allen Robinson who went a full round later?  

They would both be in way better positions than they are right now.
The problem with the league is not the talent level that is coming into the league but the way it is being abused.

If that doesn’t convince you here is a stat that may blow your mind.

The draft position of the top 5 quarterbacks from 2015 ranked by passer rating.

1. Russell Wilson: Round 3, 75th pick overall.

2. Andy Dalton: Round 2, 35th pick overall.

3. Carson Palmer: Round 1, 1st pick overall.

4. Tom Brady: Round 6, 199th pick overall.

5. Kirk Cousins: Round 4, 102nd pick overall.

6. Drew Bree: Round 2, 32nd pick overall.

7. Tyrod Taylor: Round 6, 180th pick overall.

Based on these stats you have twice the chance of getting a top tier QB in the 6th round than with the first pick overall. 


How is this possible? 

Most of these teams where focused on filling other needs instead of trying to get a QB right away. They built their teams first then added a passer.

So why aren’t GMs aware of this? Why do they continue to overspend? 

It baffles me. But I think this would be a great year to end the madness.

Peter Wiseman’s Mock Draft – 2016

1. Tennessee Titans  

Laremy Tunsil, LT, Ole Miss

Grabbing the most complete Tackle in the draft makes perfect sense for a team with a plethora of young offensive weapons in need of a boost.  Tunsil should immediately open up holes for the Titans young running game and add stability to an offensive line who is entrusted with protecting Marcus Mariota.

2. Cleveland Browns  

 Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Last year the Browns showed a change in draft  strategy as they invested a majority of their top picks on defense. This year they need to stick with a (best player available) mindset in this draft. They could do much worse than adding a pass rusher with a non-stop motor. Joey Bosa’s killer instinct should help make this defense a devastating force for years to come.

3. San Diego Chargers  

  Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame

Bolstering their offensive line will be a twofold blessing for the Chargers. It will definitely help keep Philip Rivers window open for a while longer and it should boost last year’s first round pick Melvin Gordon in the running game. Stanley has been NFL ready since last year and is prepared to make an immediate impact  on this offense.

4. Dallas Cowboys  

  Carson Wentz, QB, NDSU

This franchise has been wanting to pull the trigger on a quarterback for sometime now. With Tony Romo’s injury history and one of the league’s best offensive lines, this pick could pay dividends evensooner than this team hopes. Wentz is a long shot but everyone one knows that is exactly how the Cowboys like it. Landing here should give him some time to mature and the weapons he needs to succeed when given the chance.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars  

  Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State

The Jaguars have glaring holes all over their defense. They will get a quick jump on filling them by adding an extremely versatile and athletic player to their backfield. With his fluid speed, ridiculous ball skills and passion for the game, Ramsey may just be the best player in this draft and the most well rounded corner to come out of college this decade. He should be a breath of fresh air and an instant gamechanger for a unit that is urgently in need of a spark.

6. Baltimore Ravens 

 Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

Last year’s Ravens defense was an embarrassment to the team’s proud history.  Adding a powerful big bodied defender who has the ability to bring the heat in so many different ways should help them take a big step in bringing back respectability to the organization. It’s scary to think that Lawson plays even larger than his 6’3, 270 pound frame and that he is equally good against the pass and the run.

7. San Fransisco 49ers  

  Myles Jack, OLB, UCLA

This team needs help at linebacker and at running back. Chip Kelly fills each of these holes by adding the most versatile player in the draft and bolstering his team on both sides of the ball. If the 49ers cut this guy loose and let him be the sideline to sideline nemesis he desires to be, they could find themselves with one of the biggest finds of this draft. Jack is aggressive to the point of being vicious and this team could use a taste of the furociousness to help them get back on track. He scored 7 touchdowns as a running back and has experience as a punt returner.

8. Miami Dolphins 

 Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida

This selection adds an extremely aggressive player to the Dolphins biggest area of need. Hargreaves is very consistent and his speed and instinct make him dangerous as shown by his 10 picks over the last three years. His athleticism makes him a good fit for a team that is looking for a big time playmaker on defense.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   

 Laquan Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

Last year the Bucs had the first overall pick and selected Jameis Winston as their franchise quarterback. This year they will get him another weapon that will help make this offense even more potent. He already has the ability to split a defense and the hands to make the tough catch in tight coverage. Learning next to Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson will give him some time to develop his skills at a pace that could set him up to be great.

10. New York Giants  

  DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

This year the Giants have struggled to be dominant up front. This pick should help them reestablish that form. At 6’7 and 300 pounds, Buckner is long and athletic and that same disruptive defender they’ve had so much success with in the past. His presence should immediately make those around him better and make life miserable for opposing quarterbacks.

11. Chicago Bears   

  Jaylon Smith, ILB, Bears

Chicago has had some great middle linebackers in the past and they add another one right here. Smith has the potential to help bring the “glory” back to this Bears defense and will be a great centerpiece for them to build around for years to come. He plays with passion and has the versatility to man any of the linebacker positions.

12. New Orleans Saints 

 A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama

The Saints need to shore up a defense that has become a glaring weakness. This pick makes them immediately stronger in the middle. Robinson thrives on pushing the pocket back toward the quarterback. He also has very quick feet which allow him excellent pursuit in the run game.

13. Philadelphia Eagles  

  Jared Goff, QB, California 

Goff may not have the same upside as  the other quarterbacks in this draft but as of right now he is the the most complete and NFL ready. The Eagles have a ton of talent at the other skill positions on offense. They need a passer that can step right in and lead them. He has great vision and the ability to make every throw.

14. Oakland Raiders 

 Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama

Its only a matter of time before the Raiders develop into one of the most frightening teams in the league. Adding Reed to that mix makes their defense that much scarier. He’s a space eating monster in the middle with a knack for making his teammates better. That’s a scary thought when the Raiders already possess a devastating d-line.

15. St. Louis Rams 

 Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State

The Rams need a franchise quarterback to help tie together all of the talented pieces of their offense. Cook gives them that piece. He has great vision, can make all the throws with tremendous accuracy and can hurt you with his legs if he feels the need.

16. Detroit Lions 

 Andrew Billings, NT, Baylor

The Lions need to repair their defensive line and this is exactly the guy to do it. Billings is a massive run stopper who also has  a quick enough burst to get through the line and pummel opposing quarterbacks before they have a chance to react. He plays downhill consistently and disruptivly and has tremendous vision and drive.

17. Atlanta Falcons  

 Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama

Rarely does the perfect piece fall to the exact perfect spot in the draft. That may be what this ambitious tackler becomes for a Falcons defense that will be built around its linebackers. Ragland has that old school mentality but can also bring the heat whenever he needs to and will fit nicely alongside Vic Beasley in Coach Quinn’s defense.

18. Indianapolis Colts 

 Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio St

The Colts need a young stud at running back who will take some of the pressure off of Andrew Luck. Elliott may be one of the most complete backs to come out of the draft in a long time. He uses fluid moves to cut through defenses and is a threat to take it to the house any time he touches the ball, regardless of whether he goes outside or right up the middle.

19. Buffalo Bills

 Robert Nkemdiche, DT, Ole Miss 

For all the negatives on this guy, the Bills could get an absolute steal. Critics complain that his production doesn’t match up to his potential. However, there is no doubt that Nkimdiche changes games with his explosive burst and could be exactly what this team needs to take their defensive unit straight to the top.

20. New York Jets 

 Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

What would you get if you put Jason Whitten’s style of play in Rob Gronkowski’s body? You get a prototypical tight end who isn’t always going to be flashy and seldom makes mistakes. You add Henry’s consistency to an offense that already has two big play receivers and that will spell trouble for Jets opponents all season long.

21. Washington Redskins 
 Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State 

With an offense that came out of nowhere in 2015 it would make sense to solidify the line. Conklin has the ability to make this squad better right away by providing protection for Kirk Cousins and by opening up holes for a running game that tends toward inconsistentency.

22. Houston Texans 

 Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

Something about this guy makes me believe he can be extremely special even in an NFL that is trending away from workhorse running backs. In a league full of defenses who have to be focused on the pass, Henry is an old school bruiser who has the speed and agility to hit the holes and the power to punish anyone who fills them. The Texans lack consistency at the running back position, and this bruiser can offer them plenty more than that.

23. Minnesota Vikings 

 Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis 

The Vikings have tons of talent in their receiving core and have been looking for a quarterback who can finally uncover it. Lynch has the versatility to finally make that happen. He possesses the ability to make plays with his arm and legs and would be a perfect fit for a team that already has one of the premier rushing attacks in the league.

24. Cincinnati Bengals  

 Josh Doctson, WR TCU  

 Wide Receiver seems to be a strong point for the Bengals, but with the injuries they’ve had and with A.J.Green as the only one currently under contract, it could be a huge boost to this offense to bring in a young Dynamo like Doctson who has the size and fluidity to be a touchdown machine in this league.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers  

Mackenzie Alexander, CB, Clemson 

Alexander will bring some of the fire back to a Pittsburgh defense who has cooled off in recent years. He doesn’t fit all of the measurables of an NFL corner but there is no mistake that he has the heart. That’s exactly what the Steelees need. A player who can escalate the level of intensity of this young squad.

26. Seattle Seahawks 

 Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

The Seahawks love to be overpowering and dominant on defense. Dodd would help add to that legacy as he gives them another unstoppable force up front. It’s frightening how well this non-stop competitor fits in with the Seahawks system. He should be ready to go from day one and will only get better as he gains experience.

27. Green Bay Packers 

 Jonathan Bullard, DT, Florida

Every year the Packers are trying to get stronger up front and this year won’t be any different. Bullard should give them another force on the line and insurance against one of their big men leaving in free agency. This kid may not be completely polished but he “brings it” every game and comes at you with pride and passion.

28. Kansas City Chiefs 

 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma St.

The Chiefs suffocating defense just got stronger as they add a guy who can make a mess of offensive lines. Ogbah’s presence should make a squad who has been top three in points allowed over the last two years even harder to deal with. The new “Nigerian Nightmare” brings the inescapeability of a heat seeking missile and will help open up the Chiefs defensive back field to the possibility of even more big plays.

29. Arizona Cardinals 

 Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

The Cardinals could use a solid center to anchor their offense as they continue to establish themselves as a winner. Kelly will not only bring the skills but the attitude that could help them get over that last hump.

30 Carolina Panthers 
 Jeremy Cash, S, Duke

The Panthers already have a ton of playmakers on defense and with this pick they add even more strength to their backfield. Cash is a tackling machine who will bring pop to a very strong Carolina run stopping unit.

31. Denver Broncos 

 Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA

The Broncos add a big disruptive force to the front of a defense that is known for causing problems to opposing teams around the league. It’s a scary  thought that this defense could actually improve in 2016.

The Packers Should Consider Moving up in this Year’s Draft Because…

The team is already loaded with young talent that is constantly developing and their first selection isn’t until #27 in a year that is top heavy at their positions of greatest need.

The last thing they need is to bring in another bunch of project rookies to a team that is craving leadership and maturity.

 Instead it would be nice if they could find a couple of studs that could be utilized immediately.

One of Ted Thompson best acts as GM came in 2009 when he jumped back into the first round to grab Clay Matthews after he had already snatched up B.J. Raji with the 9th selection overall.

His highest pick since then was #21 two years ago when he chose fan favorite Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

That’s why it seems like the Packers are always slowly developing young talent from the draft instead of having that player they can just plug in right away.

As I see it right now the Packers have three areas of need where a top prospect could realistically step in and make an immediate impact.

  • Defensive Tackle – The Packers are always looking for big bodies up front and Raji and Letroy Guion are free agents this year.
  • Linebacker – This is a unit that has just been patched together for the last few seasons and it’s no secret to anyone that Matthews wants to move back outside.
  • Tight End – This position becomes a more apparent area of need everytime the Packers leave the red zone with just a field goal. Richard Rodgers is playable but taking longer than hoped to develop.

1. Let’s focus first on defensive tackle: 

 A’Shawn Robinson, Alabama, 6’4, 312  

From the tape I’ve watched, there isn’t a player in this draft that I am more impressed with than this product of Nick Saban’s defensive machine.

He doesn’t turn 21 until a month before the draft but he already has the size and look of a weathered warrior and he definitely has the heart to match his appearance.

This kid has a non-stop motor and is relentless in pursuit of opposing ball carriers. He’s strong enough to push the pile back, quick enough to wrap up  opposing quarterbacks before they have a chance to react and fast enough to chase running backs down from behind.

His long arms  are a distraction for any quarterback and a weapon in batting down balls or causing turnovers.

Experts have him going anywhere from 5th-19th in the latest drafts. If that’s the case he may cost a pick or two more than the Packers may want to spend. However, he  could help them immediately as a pass rusher, run stopper and may help set the defensive backs for a few more interceptions.

2. Next let’s look at linebacker:

Reggie Ragland, Alabama, 6’2, 258

This guy is another product of Nick Saban’s defense and is considered the best linebacker in the draft.

A fearless throwback hitter who will stop any ball carrier dead in their tracks. He stars as a run stopper but will occasionally cameo as a hand in the dirt pass rusher. 

He doesn’t just tackle opponents, he punishes them on a regular basis and will give quarterbacks fits in pursuit and in coverage over the middle.

Drafting him would give the Packers the opportunity to move Matthews back outside and his versatility allows him to move around and bring pressure from various spots on the field.

I have seen him projected anywhere from top 15 to second or third round. My guess would be that he would go somewhere around 20th overall which would make him a decent trade target for the Packers.

3. Finally we will focus on tight end:

 Hunter Henry, Arkansas, 6’5, 253

Conversation has been rather quite so far regarding Henry’s draft status. However, with the depravity of well rounded pass catching tight ends in the league I have a feeling that’s about to change.

From those who are talking, I have heard him compared physically to Rob Gronkowski, fundamentally to Jason Whitten and overall to Greg Olsen. Any of those names should be considered a compliment but all three definitely signal something special.

He is a dominant blocker in the run game and has the ability to catch passes anywhere on the field. Last year he had 51 receptions without a drop. 

To top it off this guy has virtually nothing negative working against him.

Aaron Rodgers has been working without an elite tight end for some time now. Adding a weapon of this caliber just might put him back on top and open up the passing game to help free up the young receivers.

So far it’s unclear where he falls in the draft, but now that he has made it official that he is declaring, I’m sure his stock will begin to rise.

Either way, he is someone Green Bay should definitely have an eye on.