Pittsburgh Penguins Sitting Pretty

By Kim Dunning

The Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins are going into the hockey off-season looking very good on paper for a deep run into the playoffs next season.

As the hockey off-season progresses, Pittsburgh has had to remain quiet due to their salary cap situation.  The champs have a majority of their players returning next season, with the exception of a few stragglers.  Veteran defenseman, Matt Cullen, is the biggest question to return.

Cullen announced on KFAN out of Minnesota, that he debated on retiring and if asked a few years ago, he would have ridden off into the sunset with the Cup.  Now, Cullen who will be in his 19th season, is willing to come back to the Pens on a 1-year contract.  The only exception is this may have to wait until the season begins to make it work.

The Penguins have the tools in place to make a deep playoff run…

 With Matt being the only real question mark going into the 2016/2017 season, they are looking good with the young talent brought up by Mike Sullivan and the current veterans on the roster.

This team was a miracle that happened on ice last year and the momentum of having a new head coach with a new philosophy aided the Pens to get over the playoff hump and find the chemistry they had been lacking in previous Cup runs.

The Penguins have the tools in place to make a deep playoff run and could possibly be one of the few teams to repeat the Stanley Cup victory in back to back seasons.  The lack of turnover in personnel will help the Pens not lose any of the momentum from this year to glide right into the playoffs.