How Long Before Doug Pederson Gets Sent Packing…?

The bar has been set fairly high for what a horrible coach is in Philadelphia.

All you have to do is make it to the playoffs two out of three years, including winning the division once, have a winning record, which is also the best record in the NFC East during that time period, crush the defending champions and restock your team with players who outperform the players you sent packing, and you will get shown the door yourself.

Does Pederson stand any chance of lasting more than a year in what has become a fanbase ruled team?

Sure the former coach did things his own way… But isn’t that what all the great ones do?

“Nice guys finish last.”

Do you think Vince Lombardi cared about what other people thought about him?

Does Bill Belicheck have trouble sleeping at night because of his reputation?

Eagles fans have made it extremely clear that they want a Super Bowl victory now, but they don’t want anyone doing anything that it takes to get there.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So what was the Eagles answer to the “problem?”

Hire a disciple of the nice guy who failed to bring you a Super Bowl for nearly a decade and a half, and hope he brings a different result.

I don’t envy Pederson’s position at all, but as long as he stocks the team with overpaid, high profile players, fails to be successful, keeps smiling and submits to every wish of the fans. 

He should enjoy a long happy career in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

New Head Coach Dirk Keotter Showing Wrinkles in Buccaneers Offense

 Of course he is going to focus on the relationship and timing between his blossoming quarterback, Jameis Winston, and star receiver, Mike Evans.

Coach Keotter knows that a lot of his success with this squad is going to land squarely on their shoulders. 

…we’re going to come out of that tunnel…and then we’re going to show the world.

If Winston can help Evans find the end zone as often as he did in his rookie season, while maintaining his reception and yardage totals, this offense will already be dangerous.

As if that isn’t enough, Coach Keotter has decided to make it even harder for defenses to upset their rythym, by flirting with the idea of spreading prolific pass catching running back, Charles Simms and athletic monster tight end, Austin Sefarian Jenkins out wide in certain formations.

“We’ve got to keep building because we’re not where we’re supposed to be yet. But we’re going to come out of that tunnel, Lord willing, when we play Atlanta Sept. 11 and then we’re going to show the world.” Keotter said.

Koetter’s relationship and success with Winston last year is a major reason why he is now leading this team, and why the rest of league should start to worry about what is brewing down south.

Coach Keotter is known as a very humble man, but if his team embraces his philosophy, he should have a lot to be proud of in the near future. 

Your New Welterweight Champion


By LaDonna WIlliams

Last night UFC 201 was a better fight card than I originally thought it would be. There were few knock outs during the prelims fights. One fight that needs to be watched in case you missed it, was Matt Brown vs Jake Ellenberger. Ellenberger laid a massive kick to Brown in the liver. That match lasted only 40 seconds. Brown has to be feeling the effects of that kick today.

Now to the main event, Robbie Lawler (C) vs Tyron Woodley (4). This is Woodley first chance at a title fight since being in the UFC. His last chance was in strike force in 2012. Both men workout and train in Coconut Creek, FL. When it comes to the matchup between these two fighters, they are almost the same. One big difference is Lawler’s experience (27-10) is much longer than Woodley’s career (15-3). Lawler, who’s fighting style is more mixed martial arts. Woodley is more of a freestyle fighter with some wrestling moves mixed in.

The fight started with both men trying to read each other out. Lawler knows that Woodley is known for his speed and quick hands. It didn’t take long for Woodley to land a strong right hand to Lawler face, and down went the champ. Woodley kept striking him until the ref called the fight. The fight lasted 2:12. Now UFC has a new Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley

After Begging to be Traded to a Contender, Jonathan Lucroy Vetoes Trade to 2nd Best Team in A.L.

I understand that it’s frustrating to play for a team that hasn’t done anything real exciting to speak of in almost 4 decades. I also get that Milwaukee might not be the most exciting place to take up residence.

…this is a huge business decision for a player that is heading out of his prime.

However, when you play for an extremely loyal fan base that is desperate to see their team win, and a franchise that is willingly to give you exactly what you’ve been asking for, it would be nice if you at least considered their plight whole making your decision.Lucroy is one of the best catchers in the league, and one of the few bright spots on a small market team that is constantly rebuilding and spinning their tires.

The Brewers have been making a noticeable attempt to improve over the last decade or so, and have one of the best farm systems in the league. This move would have strengthened the Brewers hopes for the future even more and placed Lucroy immediately in the hunt for a World Series.
I understand that sports are more than “just a game” like some fans want to believe, and that this is a huge business decision for a player that is heading out of his prime.

However, his latest decision sends even stronger mixed messages than the first, and may make any team and fan base leery of acquire his assistance.

It’s also has to give Brewers fan’s mixed emotions about cheering for a player that no longer wants to play for them, and ultimately seems to have no idea what he really wants.

Three Running Backs Who Are Primed to Have Breakout Seasons in 2016

3. Charles Sims, Tampa Bay, Buccaneers

It might be hard for Sims to get all the touches he deserves in 2016, since the spot above him on the depth chart is already filled by one of the best running backs in the league. However, this kid still managed to go over 1,000 total yards and 4 touchdowns last season, even though he never touched the ball more than 16 times in a single game. As one of, if not the best change of pace backs in the league, the Bucs are going to have a hard time holding Simms back, especially since he is starting to confirm the suspicion that he has all of the necessary tools to be an every down back. Once he gets going his numbers should grow considerably from last yearand he should quickly become a household name among NFL fans.

2. Duke Johnson Jr, Cleveland Browns

In his rookie year last, Johnson showed flashes of being an even better receiver than a running back as he hauled in 61 receptions and 2 touchdowns. That is why Browns Head Coach, Hue Jackson, has made no secret of his plan to get the ball into the young playmakers hands in any way possible, including splitting him to the outside as a pass catcher. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Jackson, who seems very intrigued by the speedster, also gives him enough touches as a running back to allow him a shot to earn the role as the number one back. Either way, it seems certain that Johnson is about to make a splash in 2016.

1. David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals

This young bruiser might just be the best overall running back in the NFL, and it appears he will finally have a chance to prove it as the number one option out of the backfield for one of the most potent offensive units in the NFL. His 12 total touchdowns were tied for first overall among running backs even though he didn’t become a starter until week 13. He has the ability to do damage through the air and on the ground. He should be able to maintain his role as the primary goal line back, in addition to getting more touches and racking up a lot more yards as the featured back. If he can remain focused, he has the potential to nearly double most of his major stats in 2016.

5 Questions for the Atlanta Falcons heading into 2016

The Atlanta Falcons have quite a few challenges ahead of them in season two of the Dan Quinn era in the dirty south. Here are some questions that they have to answer in order to be successful in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

1. Can Matt Ryan get the ball in the end zone more in 2016?

Matt Ryan had one of his most puzzling seasons to date as he moved the ball down the field but couldn’t seem to put it in the end zone enough and his production dropped off in the process. His 21 touchdown passes were his least since 2009 and he needs to gain back control if he is to make the Falcons an elite offense once again. He seemed to struggle in Kyle Shannahan’s scheme and has to get on the same page if he wants to turn things around. It will also be interesting to see how he adjusts to life without Roddy White.

2. Can Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman become an elite duo?

Devonta Freeman had his coming out party in 2015 as he broke the 1,000 yard plateau and seemed to be headed for the record books but slowed up down the stretch mainly because his sidekick Tevin Coleman battled injuries and fumbling problems his rookie season. Both Freeman and Coleman thrive in the Zone-Blocking run scheme with their speed and game breaking ability but can they produce while in a rotation? I think they can. With Freeman’s dual threat ability and Coleman’s sprinter type speed, it could spell trouble for opposing defenses. Especially with the offseason acquisition of Alex Mack. Mack is a proven leader and signal caller on the offensive line. Look for a very good year from these two.

3. Can Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen finally give the Falcons stability at the safety position?

The Falcons have been in turmoil at the safety position for the past couple of seasons and haven’t really had any stability with injury prone, William Moore and a lot of other fill ins at both positions. Atlanta needed a new face back there, and Neal is a hybrid safety/linebacker that has the versatility to play the run and cover the middle of the field. Those are both strong areas of need for the Falcons. Neal will also have help from Ricardo Allen, a converted safety who filled in nicely in his new role. Allen proved to be a nice fixture in coach Quinn’s scheme with his cornerback instincts. They helped in his transition process as he intercepted 3 passes and collected 69 tackles. Neal has impressed coaches so far in camp and Allen is looking to continue his growth as a safety, the Falcons may finally have two cornerstones in the back end of their secondary.

4. Will Vic Beasley become more productive in year two as a OLB?

Vic Beasley had a good rookie season last year, but had trouble adjusting to a new position at defensive end. In 2016, he will return to a position on the field that better fits his skill set and that’s at SAM linebacker. Beasley had 4 sacks his rookie season and it didn’t seem like a lot but he played well against some of the best offensive tackles in the game and showed his potential. There was still something missing, and that was finishing plays. Last year, Beasley had to try to beat tackles with his strength, but if all goes well he could use his 4.5 speed to get after the QB a little more. He also spent sometime playing in  coverage and picked of a pass and defended 3 others. Quinn will work with Beasley to see exactly how he fits into his scheme the best.

5. Will Kyle Shanahan finally open up the playbook this season?

The Falcons seemed to have it all together the first 5 games of the 2015, as their offense played extremely well. The season was looking promising, but then the offense just fell apart as the Falcons started becoming predictable and players were just not on the same page. Roddy White wasn’t a major part in the offense, Devonta Freeman cooled off and Jacob Tamme was the second leading receiver on the team. Kyle Shanahan became a bit too conservative and wasn’t opening up the playbook with the talent he had on the offensive side of the ball. Sure Ryan had over 4,500 yards and Julio caught 138 passes, but the key is putting it all together and to do that, Shanahan will have to utilize his offensive players strengths and go for more big plays and use play action to set up his running back duo. If he can put it all together, Atlanta can score with any team in the league.

These questions will be answered in 2016 for Atlanta as they try to get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2012, the year they played in the NFC Championship game.

Jared “Abracadabra”deris Puts on a Magic Show in Practice on Saturday 

Green Bay fans where ecstatic a few years back, when Packers General Manager Ted Thompson dipped into the local talent pool and selected Wisconsin Badger alumni,  Jared Abbrederis in the 5th round of the 2014 draft.

After watching him consistently shred rival defenses in the Big Ten, the Packers faithful had high hopes for the young wide receiver as he prepared to trade in the “Red and White” for the “Green and Gold.”

Those hopes dimmed a bit after his rookie season was lost to injury, and Packers fan waited anxiously for him to get a chance in his second season. As expected, those hopes  flared up again momentarily his sophomore year until he was hurt again.

Just when it seemed hope was gone…

Fans started murmuring that Abby probably wouldn’t even make the roster, until ironically, another injury may just saved his chances to remain a Packer.

When Green Bay star, Jordy Nelson, tore an ACL, the Packers needed all the receivers they could get. All of a sudden Abbrederis’ future looked bright, until he managed only 9 receptions, for 111 yards all season.

Just when it seemed hope was gone, the Packers wide receiver group wore thin again due to injuries in the playoff game against the Cardinals, and Rodgers was forced to target Abby 12 times. Even though the young receiver was only able to snag 4 of those passes, each one of them went for a first down, and Abbrederis finally got some national attention. 

With Nelson coming back healthy this season, and the Packers drafting another receiver in the 2016 draft, it looked once again like Abbrederis was about to become the odd man out on a roster loaded with receiving talent.

Then training camp started and after watching a couple of others guys show off their stuff in the first few days, the third year pro decided it was his turn to steal the show.

During an 11 on 11 period, Rodgers hit Abbrederis with a slant pass that he snagged and finished off with a solid run.

There’s always something you can improve on.

When the practice moved to red-zone drills, an area the Packers offense struggled with last season, Abbrederis hauled in multiple touchdowns, including a spectacular catch to save a potentially bad throw from Rodgers.

When asked about his day, the receiver responded with his trademarked humility. 

“It was an OK day,” Abbrederis said. “I left one out there, so as a competitor, that’s what you think of. You don’t really think of all the good plays, but you think of what you can do more. There’s always something you can improve on.”

After the luck he’s had so far in his young career, that is the perfect mentality to have, for a guy who’s knows at this point he’s not even guaranteed a roster spot.

However, if he keeps putting in work, he will definitely win over the hearts of his coaching staff and quarterback the same way he did with his many fans years ago.

If that happens, defensive backs all over the league would be wise to take notice…

that the magic show is about to begin.