Wisconsin Badgers: Back to Back!

Although the Badgers didn’t get their ultimate goal of winning a national championship. You still have to admire how they play as a team and how classy they are.

Most badger fans marked it up as failure because we didn’t win it all. Although that’s partly true, try to look at it this way: the Badgers are 1 of 346 Division One basketball teams and were one of the last 4 left. Not only did they do this once they did it back to back years. 

Also if you look at it this way, Wisconsin beat Kentucky. Who else beat Kentucky? No one. If that’s not a great accomplishment I don’t know what is. Not only were the Badgers a great offensive team, they were an excellent defensive team as well.

They also committed the least turnovers in the country. You might say the Badgers were senior loaded, but look at the starting lineup: PG Bronson Koenig, SG Josh Gasser, SF Sam Dekker, PF Nigel Hayes, Frank Kaminsky. Only two of the five starters are seniors. If you include Bronson. 

Also I know they had quality bench players who were seniors, but all that means is there’s a chance for some new players to step into the picture. Now to the draft with the Badgers losing 2 major starters in Sam and Frank.

 Yes, they might not be a Final Four team but they are going to be a solid team for sure. If you think the Badgers are going to have a down year, think again. Their isn’t a better coach than Bo Ryan,  who can mentor and teach young players. So watch out Big Ten for what some say is a team that rebuilding!