Thursday night recap

The New England Patriots  (3-0) defeated the Houston Texas (2-1) by nearly 4 tds in the Texans first shut out since 2003. To be fair, I did not watch most of the game due to not caring about either team. However this is what I did pick up from both teams from the 45 minutes I did watch.

New England: Offense proved that not only is Tom Brady a Top 2 qb of all time, there is also a system in place that will boost any qb whose willing to listen to Bill. Defense proved that being stingy can cost you. In the very little time I watched the defense missed about 5 pretty easy ints. Although they did destroy the offense and held them to their own side of the field for the most part of the game, there is some slight growing pains. Special teams well two turnovers is all u need to know about their nastiness.

Houston: The offense proved Brock was still an overpaid back up qb. I mean you don’t have a trio of good WRs and a decent RB, and still not score. You have to wonder what they will do to adjust for just the division games. The defense well was absolutely invisible. Watt who? I have to give credit to Bill for that though. He’s known to prepare well enough to eliminate players. Special teams needs a lot of work.

Overall Grades:

New England:

Offense A- Defense B+ Special teams A


Offense C- Defense C Special Teams D

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