System Quarterback

We all know the story about how when Tom Brady went down with an injury, Matt Cassell stepped right in and won 11 games even though he hadn’t played a game since high school.

We know that before the NFL allowed Brady to start bringing his own balls on the road and changed the rules to benefit him  in 2007, he averaged 3,593 yards a season. Since they helped him out, he has never thrown less than 3,900 yards.

We also know that in the seasons the Patriots won the Super Bowl, New England relied more heavily on their run game and defense, which resulted in Brady averaging 1,000 less yards and 10 less touchdowns than in seasons they didn’t win a ring.

Brady plays for the most genius coach in the NFL, who has developed offensive systems that other coaches won’t even attempt to instill into their offenses.

Now, right in front of our very eyes, we watched Jimmy Garrapolo, walk into Arizona, and make the same dink and dunk passes, carve up the middle of the field on a regular basis and throw the same long balls, against one of the toughest teams in the NFL on the road.

Everything looked exactly the same as if Brady was under that helmet.

The next week Garrapolo goes down, and now people are panicking; who the hell is Jacoby Brissett?

The answer; another guy that  just so happens to fit perfectly into the system. That came out of nowhere and magically appears to be playing as if he was the greatest of all time…

Further proof that Bill Belichick makes the Patriots and the Patriots make Tom Brady.

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