Jimmy G= The next Matt Flynn

Sensational. Lights out. The next big thing. All these phrases once described Matt Flynn. Nobody. Back up. No longer important. These phrases now describe him. Quick without google, where is Matt Flynn playing now? If your answer isn’t the Saints, don’t fret too much I had to look it up as well. What is with the media overhyping a back up?

Look at the big names and where they have landed. Brock Osweiler, Brian Hoyer, Matt Cassel, Matt Flynn, Jimmy G etc. So far only one massive example has been made of a back up being great forever: Tom Brady. So if ONE back up has made it big time why keep it up? Bradford, Osweiler, Cousins. All three qbs were back ups. All three end up making more money than they were use to. (Cousins was Franchise Tagged). Teams like Cleveland, LA, Philly and even Washington all fall for the same thing.

Instead of hoping a back up is the next Tom Brady, draft a qb and build up your back up. This is a time for a wake up for the 31 owners and 32 GMs. DO NOT PAY BIG MONEY TO A BACK UP! Look at Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston etc, they are all drafted and doing well. Yes there will be RG3s  as well but that’s why you have a backup with experience to help build up your rookie and themselves. Who would have thought Matt Hasselbeck would have been better than Luck last year? I didn’t but I sure did thank Jim Irsay. Let’s stop the over hype train.

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