System vs Talent

By Joshua Sweetland


After a lot of fans claiming the Patriots would go 1-3 or even 0-4 without Brady, the Patriots have shocked a ton of people by starting out 2-0, including upsetting the Arizona Cardinals. This brings me to the question, was Brady that amazing or was Belichick’s system that good?

Brady is easily top 2 quarterbacks of all time, some argue the greatest, and after now the second time he’s had to be benched, the backup is doing well. If Belichicks were to move from New England to Philadelphia, and Carson Wentz were to go 4-2 in SBs, would we finally talk about Belichicks system being nearly perfect and acknowledge the QBs as cogs in the system or would we still boast about the QB?

As of right now, Brady will stay number 2 in my book until proven otherwise. Until Belichick can bring 6 Super Bowl trips to another city ready to give up on their team, I’m looking at you Philly and Cleveland, I don’t believe we will give a system the full credit its due with the exception of the bad one in Cleveland.

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