Sam Bradford will Win the NFL MVP Award Before His Career is Over…

People are laughing that Sam Bradford is demanding a trade from a team that obviously doesn’t want him. I’ve been saying all along that if you put this kid on the right team, he will easily be one of the top quarterbacks in this league. Sam knows that better than anyone.


So far in his short career, he has only played in jacked-up offensive situations, and has still performed at a very high level.

Last year he was expected to learn a new offense, (a Chip Kelly offense nonetheless), with an almost brand new cast of skill position players around him, in a city full of impatient fans, and he still dropped 3,725 yards and 19 TDs in just 14 games. 


Fans have already forgotten the dominant display he put on in the preseason, when experts and critics where already crowning him the best passer in the league.

Sam hasn’t forgotten…

You get him on a team like Denver or the Jets, where there are already weapons in place and he will earn every dollar you spend on him. Besides a high INT to TD rate, Bradford’s numbers are solid at the very least and I challenge you to name one decent receiver he’s ever had to throw to. 


Bradford may be the laughingstock of the league right now, but give him a chance, and I guarantee we will all start to see greatness.

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