Jay Cutler Bad for Morale?

So I have a theory, just hear me out or get all pissy because my opinion upsets you. I really don’t care either way.

Now my theory is that Jay Cutler is bad for morale on the Bears. He has proven time and time again that he is not a leader. His facial expressions and body language on the sideline say enough. He always looks like he would rather be anywhere else than playing football. I also look at the players that have left and succeeded in their careers, when apparently the Bears thought they were done or not worth the money.
So over the seasons of watching this happen and coaches coming and going, it blows my mind that the last time the Bears made the playoffs was in 2010. So, I’m honestly convinced that something is wrong with Jay Cutler. You certainly can’t tell me that it is the Bear’s upper management and owners that have caused this team to go downhill. The only think I can think of to say otherwise was the firing of Lovie Smith after a 10-6 season. Now that I think of it, that certainly started the down fall of the team.

Another thing that is mind blowing is the amount of money Cutler is making. He has yet to prove he is worth that money. In the game Monday night he threw his 86th interception. He could hardly hit any of the targets of the night. It was a sloppy game played in all areas. Cutler just doesn’t carry himself like a leader.  The Bears really need to find a way to get a new quarterback if they want to have a chance to be contenders in their division .

For the time being however, the division will be dominated by a strong Green Bay team and a young, up and coming Vikings team. With the addition of Sam Bradford, if he stays healthy, this division won’t be getting any easier for the Bears. So either some find some way to motivate Cutler or move on.

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