Why the Patriots Will Go 4-0 Without Brady

The start of the Patriots season was looking pretty bleak without Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski starting for New England. Despite the losses, the Pats managed to beat maybe the most complete team in football, the Arizona Cardinals, in Week 1. People doubted a Tom Brady-less New England squad, but most people forgot about one guy that is the biggest reason for the Patriots success.

Bill Belichick.

I don’t want to be that guy that just tells everybody ‘I told you so’, but, hey, I told you so. I predicted New England to beat Arizona, and I made that prediction solely off of my faith in Bill Belichick’s ability to rally his team together in moments like these.

A great coach is defined by many things: His ability to win, progress his players, and dial up the right plays, but there is one quality that I consider the most important. That quality is the skill of winning when you don’t have your best players. This is what won Bruce Arians his COTY Award in 2014, when he was down to his third string quarterback and still made the playoffs.

Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time, and this is the reason why I never count the Patriots out, even if Brady and Gronk aren’t playing.

This afternoon, Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a shoulder injury, prompting third-string quarterback, and rookie, Jacoby Brissett, to take the reigns of the offense. Brissett played well, and Martellus Bennett served as a great safety blanket, but he still played like a rookie against the Dolphins.

The Patriots have the Texans and Bills to play before Brady gets back. I could care less who they have under center, because as long as Belichick is on the sidelines, the Patriots will always be a contender.



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