Ranking the Eight 0-2 Teams in the NFL

Cleveland Browns

With Josh McCown under center, the Browns offense finally showed some flashes of what we can expect from Hue Jackson’s system once it hits it’s peak. The bad news is that McCown got hurt and appears to be about to miss some time, which could force the Browns to start their 26th quarterback in the last 17 years since moving back to Cleveland. This team definitely has the potential to be exciting but for now they’re still the same old Browns.

Chicago Bears 

Brian Hoyer had a pretty decent season with the Texans last year. With Jay Cutler going down with an injury, Hoyer has a chance to jump in and bring this offense to life. The Bears have struggled so far this year but have the potential to make a surge similar to the one they had at the end of last season.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a very tough schedule ahead of them and it appears that they will continue to struggle under the current regime. However, they have a ton of talent on their roster and I believe a change at the head coach position could help them make a turn around. 

Washington Redskins

Washington came into the season with a lot of hope after Kirk Cousins led this team to the playoffs last year. After two games, they don’t seem to have the same spark that we saw from them last year and the rest of their division seems much improved. I can see them making a bit of a turn around but it looks doubtful that they will repeat last season’s success.

Miami Dolphins

You have to think that almost everyone in this orginazation is on the hot seat right now, especially after the team spent so much money to improve their defense in what appeared to be an attempt to win now. With the talent they have on both sides of the ball it’s hard to imagine them not winning at least a good handful of games and maybe even making a run at a wild card spot. In order to make that happen they are going to need their players to really step it up.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags may have been the most talked about team this offseason after making some key free agent acquisitions and having one heck of a draft. After putting up quite a fight in week one it appeared that this team may be something special. Now after taking a pounding in week two it’s hard to guess what is ahead for this very toung, talent-laden team. There seems to be nowhere to go but up for Jacksonville and by the end of the season I believe we will start to see what all the hype was actually about.

New Orleans Saints

When you are willing to dish out ridiculous amounts of money to a 37 year-old quarterback, you must have a ton of faith in him, but you also have to know that other parts of your team are probably going to suffer. For the Saints,  it has been their defense that has struggled in the past and that hasn’t been any different this season. I see them riding Brees’ arms to quite a few victories this year but at his age I don’t think he has enough to carry them to the top.

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is a fighter and the whole reason why the Colts will probably be the one team on this list to still make the playoffs in spite of the fact that opponents have already scored 73 points against them. They face a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way and should be able to make a solid run at winning this division.

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