You Have Got to be Kidding Me!?!

It’s only the first game of Week 2 in this young NFL season and there are already so many questions with this Buffalo Bill’s team. 

The main one, is why the Hell did they ever bring Rex in to be their head coach in the first place?

In spite of usually having a depth chart loaded with talent, this team has suffered from inconsistency ever since their run of Super Bowl appearances in the early 90’s. 

What they needed was a leader who would come in and grab this team by the horns, teach them some discipline and point them in the right direction.

Instead they brought in one of the NFL’s biggest punchlines and let him turn this once promising team into even more of a joke.

Buffalo fell to 0-2 on the season after their secondary (Rex’s pride and joy) got lit up by Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets receivers and all the Bill’s head coach could say in response was, “We have to get a lot better.”


Bills fans have been saying that for years  and you’re just now realizing it?

You have spent a ton of resources on your defense, have one of the the best running backs in the league, a very fiery quarterback and receiver combination and somehow you still want to point a finger at them?

Maybe it’s time you and your twin brother swallow the bullet, start taking life serious for once, and realize “you” need to get a lot better.

However, the truth is, you can’t hold the Ryan Brother’s completely responsible for the Circus they are creating in Buffalo. Somebody had to have thought it was a good idea to hire these two clowns in the first place.

In my opinion, the only part of this team that is worth anything are the players themselves. The rest of the organization needs a rebuild from the top down.

I’ve been saying this team needs a new coach since the offseason. On any other team I’d say it’s only logical that he’d be gone by week 4…

But in Buffalo, you just never know.

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