Wisconsin Badgers Have One More Tune Up Game Before Starting a Hellacious Big Ten Schedule 

The Badgers have surprised a lot of people already this season. Most notably the poll-makers who seemed to think the Badgers were nothing more than an afterthought in 2016.

The one group of people they didn’t surprise were their most loyal fans. We know this team is always underrated and overlooked, even though it has become a factory for developing some of the best offensive lineman, running backs and defensive players in today’s college game.

This year’s team doesn’t seem any different, except for now they actually have a quarterback that may be able to hold his own and keep defenses a bit more honest.

We all realize now that LSU may not be the powerhouse we all gave them credit for being at the beginning of the season but that shouldn’t take away from the effort these young players put in to show the nation that they are for real.

We also know that Akron wasn’t meant to be anything more than a speed bump on the way to the brutal schedule that lies ahead for Wisconsin. However, this team did exactly what was expected of them and more as they dished out a thorough whoopin’ to a Zips team that experts were viewing as a possible trap game. 

The Badgers have one more of those games this weekend, as they welcome the, Georgia State Panthers, to Camp Randall Stadium, on Saturday.

You are going to have to excuse my overzealousness as I follow the game, because I know that anything but another stomping will affect this Badgers team similarly to a loss, as they prepare to face the meat of their schedule.

The quiet question in everyone’s mind is, “Will it even matter when they face, Michigan State and Michigan on the road in back to back games, before Ohio State comes to Madison, and then they travel again to Iowa?”

Call me crazy, but I think that question gets answered by how they play tomorrow. If all three fazes of the team are firing on all cylinders, I think the underdog Badgers may just be the best team in the conference and they will definitely have a chance to prove it over the next month.

For now we just have to find our favorite barstool, pile some sauerkraut on a big juicy bratwurst, down a couple gallons of our favorite microbrew and enjoy the ride.

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