Is There Still a Revis Island?

By LaDonna Williams

Once upon a time a young man named Darrelle Revis entered the league in 2007. He came on to the NFL scene and was a beast. His first year he let teams know do not throw to the player in his area because he will intercept the ball or defend it so the player won’t get the ball. Over the years his numbers went up tackles, INTs, assists tackles and touchdowns.

Now let’s move fast forward to 2016. Last week, the first game of the year, the Jets played the Bengals. It was a great match up fans were waiting for AJ Green vs Revis Island. Unfortunately, the Bengals won that game in a very low scoring game, but that isn’t the surprising part. The surprise was Green had 180 yards and a touchdown. Yes, you read that number right. How? This was up against one of the best cornerbacks in the game. Revis response he is out of shape. Is the new way of saying I sucked and Green was better than me that game? Or is it saying I’m getting old and these young players are faster than me? NFL and especially Jets fans want to know how that happened.

On Thursday night and the Bills just lost to the Jets. One of the matchups people were looking for was Bills Sammy Watkins vs Revis Island. Yes, Watkins isn’t a 100% healthy, but last year he had one of his best games last season against Revis. During the game Watkins wasn’t even Revis problem. It was Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin somehow managed to get out of the island and score an 84-yard touchdown. So what will be his excuse this week?

Let’s face it NFL fans Revis Island is no more. His island is now becoming more like Florida, where people go, have a good time and leave after they are through. He isn’t the Revis that we are all used to seeing. Now he is just becoming another mediocre CB that no one is afraid of playing.

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