The NFL Really Screwed Up…

By: Brittany Bartgis

The season opener of football started off exactly how I thought with the Broncos offense looking like garbage. As the game progressed they started to play better. However the Broncos defense took things to another level.

The defense started targeting Cam Newton. The three hits to his head were uncalled for. Yes, it is their job to go after the opposing quarterback, but intentionally trying to take him out of the game is uncalled for. The fact that the referees didn’t call a single penalty for the dangerous hits blows my mind. If that had been anyone else it would have been called.

It’s complete bullshit that they let them get away with it in the game. I mean, if the NFL is so concerned about concussions then there should have been penalties and players ejected from the damn game. I don’t care that the NFL came out after and said it was a mistake. It should have never been the case in the first place.

So I say screw the NFL and their blatant lack of respect for Cam Newton. All I can think about is Bounty Gate with the Saints and this shit seems pretty damn close. Great, you fined two players. Big fucking deal! That won’t stop them from doing this shit again.

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