Six Teams That Improved Their Status in Week 1

San Francisco 49ers 

This team was chewed up, spit out and left for dead by most experts throughout the offseason. Their 28-0 win against the Rams wasn’t quite as impressive as it may have appeared from the scoreboard. It was slow, methodical and even boring at times but they did manage to shutout what was expected to be one of the better running games in the league and made good use of Chip Kelly’s genius. Blaine Gabbert opperated the offensive efficiently as he kept the 49ers receiving options involved. Carlos Hyde battered the Rams offensive line on the way to 2 TDs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have not lost to the Falcons in any of the three games they’ve played against them with Jameis Winston at the helm. This game was pretty much all about the second year signal caller, as he lit up the air with 281 yards and 4 TDs. He didn’t get as much help from his defense as he probably would have liked but for now this is his team and they seem to go as he goes.

Oakland Raiders

You have to have some kind of balls to think you can storm back, play catchup against Drew Brees and then actually have a chance to tie the game. You have to be insane to go for 2 and risk losing it all after that kind of effort. That my friends is precisely why the NFL needs the Raiders!

Jacksonville Jaguars

When you are a young team with all of the talent in the world, already have a scary ass offense and just need chemistry on defense, you should be confident and fearless no matter who you face. This young team was exactly that as they squared of against the Green Bay Packers. As the old saying goes, they didn’t lose the game they just ran out of time… The Packers were fortunate to get them in week one, because by midseason this young Jaguars team will be a force to be reckoned with.

Detroit Lions

We all know Matthew Stafford and the fact that he is one of only 5 quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to throw for 5,000 yards in a season. We are getting to know Jim Bob Cooter as the offensive coordinator with the best name in the league, who may also have the best coaching skills in the league. We are about to learn that now that they can run and pass to whoever they want without worrying about feeding their superstar, the Lions offense is downright ridiculous!

Philadelphia Eagles

This team has been through so many changes and ups and downs lately that it could make your head spin. Yet they came out with a rookie at quarterback and looked downright impressive. I know it was only the Browns but you gotta start somewhere. If Sunday is any indication, Carson Wentz and the Eagles deserve way more respect than anyone has been willing to give them so far.

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