The Same Old Dallas Cowboys

By Kim Dunning

The Dallas Cowboys may glamour fans with promises of a high powered offense.  They may even say their offensive line is solid.  However, after watching week 1 against the New York Giants with home field advantage, the Cowboys proved they are a smoke and mirrors team lead by probably the worst coach in the league.

Let’s talk the easy part, the offensive line.  The offensive line is still arguably the best in the league.  However, the biggest weakness is Doug Free.  Fans remember a couple of years ago, Free was the worst player on the offensive line.  He made steps forward but he has taken steps back in the last few games.  Doug keeps letting blockers get free and is getting beat play after play.  It’s a good thing the rest of the line can pick up for him but they aren’t that solid line people want to believe they are.

The offense was good but not great.  The offense seemed to have the avoidance to the end zone syndrome from a few years back when Dan Bailey carried the team.  All Dallas fans can say is thank goodness they have a consistent kicker who is the most accurate one in the NFL ever.

The wide receivers with the exception of Cole Beasley were a huge disappointment.  Dez Bryant had one catch for 8 yards.  Not very well for a player who considers himself elite and whined for a big pay day and actually held out.  Now let’s get to Terrance Williams, who as a veteran wide receiver should have known to catch and get out of bounds.  Your team has the most accurate kicker in the NFL and a bonehead decision doesn’t even give him the chance.  No one will ever know if Bailey would have made his career long field goal. 

Let’s just hope Dez and T-Willy sit and think about how they helped cost their team the game.

There isn’t really anything good to say about the defense. Sean Lee, well he was pretty much the only consistent on defense.  There was no secondary to speak of and run stopping was having a party somewhere, but they were definitely not on the field.  Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but that is what it felt like to fans.  The defense had one job, to stop Jennings from getting a first down and they failed miserably.

While we are on the subject of defense, we should talk about the continual bad angles on tackles, not knowing how to keep up with your assigned receiver and not sealing up the holes.  Dallas has a bad habit of going for the strip a lot of the time before wrapping up and tackling.

Finally, let’s get to the coaching staff.  Everyone knows that Garrett is supposedly head coach and head coach only, but it sure seems like Scott Linehan is using Garrett’s old vanilla playbook.  It is beyond me why this coaching staff cannot make adjustments at half-time.  They had Zeke who is a rookie continually running like by some miracle it was going to click to go north and south as opposed to east and west.  That works in college, not the NFL for the most part.   Morris, who was a gift from the Redskins, was having better success hitting the holes and running for more positive yardage.

Call me crazy but it would seem in order to win games and score touchdowns it would be common sense to run with the running back that is more successful.

Positive notes, Dak Prescott handled his debut with class and composure something that made Dallas fans proud.  Bailey, was “Mr. automatic” as usual and Witten, Beasley and Butler stepped up and made catches and put their bodies on the line to do so.


Dallas hasn’t changed much in the last few years.  They really are the same old Cowboys, or at least starting the season that way.  There is too much talent on this roster for Garrett not to be able to get the very best from them.  This could be the beginning of a very long season!

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