Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

By LaDonna Williams

Week 2 rankings


  1. Cam vs 49ers
  2. Flacco vs Browns
  3. Carr vs Falcons
  4. Dalton at Steelers
  5. Roethlisberger vs Bengals
  6. Palmer vs Buccaneers
  7. Wentz vs Bears
  8. Bortles at Chargers
  9. Brees at NYG
  10. Stafford vs Titans

Notes: Garoppolo threw 264 yards 1 TD last week. Patriots are playing the Dolphins I can see him on the list for QB’s this week.


  1. Johnson vs Buccaneers
  2. Anderson vs Colts
  3. Freeman vs Raiders
  4. Mccoy at Jets
  5. Ware at Texans
  6. Gurley vs Seahawks
  7. Forsett vs Browns
  8. Murray vs Lions
  9. Peterson vs GB
  10. Elliott vs Redskins

Notes: Jamaal Charles maybe inactive for week 2.


  1. Beckham Jr. vs Saints
  2. Cooper at Falcons
  3. Brown vs Bengals
  4. Jones vs Raiders
  5. Green vs Steelers
  6. Cooks at Giants
  7. Evans at Cardinals
  8. Fitzgerald vs Buccaneers
  9. Matthews vs Bears
  10. Hopkins vs Chiefs

Notes: Although Dez Bryant was held to 8 yards last weekend. Don’t expect that to happen 2 weeks in a row.


  1. Olsen at 49ers
  2. Kelce at Texans
  3. Reed vs Cowboys
  4. Thomas at Chargers
  5. Witten at Redskins
  6. Barnidge vs Ravens
  7. Bennett vs Dolphins
  8. Gates vs Jaguars
  9. Ebron at Titans
  10. Seferian-Jenkins at Cardinals

Notes: Rob Gronkowski is still week to week. His status for starting this week is still unknown.


  1. Broncos vs Colts
  2. Seahawks at Rams
  3. Cardinals vs Buccaneers
  4. Panthers vs 49ers
  5. Texans vs Chiefs
  6. Jets at Bills
  7. Raiders vs Falcons
  8. Ravens at Browns
  9. Patriots vs Dolphins
  10. Packers at Vikings

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