Walking on Sunshine

After the season they had last year, I know there were some people who doubted whether or not this team who stumbled into the playoffs, was up to the challenge of facing one of the up and coming teams, on the road, in the Florida heat on opening day.

I know it crossed my mind a couple of times that it could be a struggle and that the Packers might just start the season 0-1 and with a ton of question marks.

Yeah, Jordy Nelson was healthy and prepared to take over his role as the Pack’s stud receiver. But how healthy was he, after suffering yet another injury in preseason?

Green Bay’s front office was being somewhat optimistic but mainly hush-hush on the issue as Sunday’s game approached and we couldn’t help entertaining questions in the back of our minds.

None of that seemed to matter, however, as Jordy stepped onto the field and his presence alone brought a breath of fresh air to his teammates.

Aaron Rodgers looked instantly more comfortable, Randall Cobb found his groove early and even Clay Matthews appeared to be a bit more ferocious.

It was no issue that Nelson didn’t even touch the ball well into the second quarter or that he totaled 3 catches on that drive on the way to his first TD in who knows how long.

What mattered is that the offense felt complete again, the defense was up to the challenge of taming a hungry Jaguars offense and Mike McCarthy was back to reaching into his old bag of tricks.

After a hard fought battle and a well earned victory, Jordy Nelson and the Pack are finally back, and walking on sunshine.

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