The Problem With the Kansas City Chiefs…

I don’t think anyone had any question yesterday that the Chiefs would emerge from week 1 with a victory that would stretch their consecutive regular season winning streak to 11 games.

At least not until the game started and the Chargers rolled over them with a full head of steam in the first half. It didn’t appear that anything that had led to the Chiefs success in the latter part of last season, including the absence of Jamaal Charles, was going to work to keep this team afloat.

I’ve been saying this entire offseason that I believe the Chiefs are one of the top teams in the league and that I could see Alex Smith finally emerging as a game changer rather then the game manager he has been for most of his career.

It took a minute but Smith finally stepped up in the second half and ripped off the majority of his game leading 363 yards on the way to guiding his team to 4 TDs and the biggest Chiefs comeback in the teams 56 year history.

It wasn’t one of the top defenses in the league or one of the NFL’s best running backs who won this game. It was the quite and humble QB who most write of as a liability to his team.

So what is the problem with the Chiefs?

In my opinion, it’s that they haven’t figured out just how good they are yet and that they are still learning that they have a guy at the helm that can accomplish the improbable if they just put their faith in him and realize that the future is as bright as they want it to be.

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