You Can Run…

There is a reason why Canelo would rather drop his belt in Gennady Glovkin’s lap rather than face the wrath of his gloves to try and protect it and you saw exactly why tonight.

You can run. You can weave. You can fight back. You can hit him, and you can even hit him hard, but you just can’t escape the Champ and you definitely can’t beat him.

GGG just threw Kell Brook on the pile of mutilated bodies that any boxer who values his career will go to great lengths to avoid.

Brook thought for one fleeting moment that he actually had this fight and if you are one of those people that is grasping at straws for the day that Glovkin loses, I know you did too.

However, Glovkin proved once again that the only possible way you could beat him, is to actually make a fight go to the scorecards.

Good luck with that…

When asked about the Canelo attempt at confusion, Glovkin responded.

“It’s like a circus, too many clowns,” Golovkin said. “Canelo knows he doesn’t want to fight me. Why do you keep talking then?”
What Glovkin has proven is he is the ringleader and everything revolves around him.

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