No Faith in the Broncos

It’s just a common phenomenon in any sport, that when a team wins the Title, opposing fans are going to target them and hope for them to lose.

With the Broncos it’s been different. They’ve had doubters since the beginning of last season before anybody even knew how good they could be and even after producing one of the best defensive seasons of all time and bringing home a ring. Still no one believes.

Is this just another case of people hating or are the Broncos just not that good and still manage to find ways to win?

If all you did was look at the basic statistics from last night’s game, you’d think the Panthers won in dominant fashion. They won the turnover battle 3-1, had more total yards, more passing yards, more rushing yards, one less drive but way more plays. On defense they had two sacks for 19 total yards lost, while the Broncos had 3 for 18 total yards.

So how does a team that gets outplayed in every major aspect of the game still manage to pull out the victory?

I think I know the answer.

It’s the one immeasurable that a lot of people forget to factor in when they are analyzing a matchup; Heart.

The Broncos showed a ton of it last night. They didn’t quit when they were down by 10 points at halftime. They didn’t make excuses for their inexperienced quarterback. They never gave up on their running game and they continued to bring pressure on defense even when they weren’t getting the kind of results that make the highlight reels.

Where the Broncos did manage to dominate was in the penalty battle. They only had 4 for 22 yards but the relentless pressure that they are known for bringing, caused the Panthers to commit 8 for 85 yards. In a hard fought battle of wills, a stat like that can make a huge difference.

Until one of their quarterbacks can step up and blend in to this offense, the Broncos will continue to play messy, out of control games with little rhyme and reason.

When the league changed the rules in 2007 they planned on making the NFL a high-scoring league where defenses struggled to keep up. Denver is the one team that has foiled that plan and has made offenses submit to them.

If last nights ugly battle against the defending NFC Champions is any indication…The Broncos are for real and are going to keep winning those hard fought games. 

So you don’t have to give them your love but they have definitely earned my respect.

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