Peter and Will’s 2016 NFL Pick’em; Week 2

Thursday, September 25, 7:25

New York Jets (0-1) @ Buffalo Bills (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Jets

Peter’s Analysis: Matt Forte appears to be right at home in this offense after just one game. If that is true, that could spell trouble for Jets opponents. The Bills on the other hand look like a team in need of a new coaching staff.

Will’s Pick: Bills

Will’s Analysis: Rex Ryan has gone 2-0 so far against his old team, and I don’t think that will change at home with a defense that played pretty well versus Baltimore. The question is if the offense will be able to get it going, but the Jets didn’t really play much defense on Sunday, particularly through the air, so I think the Bills will be fine in this case.

Sunday, September 18, 12:00 p.m.

New Orleans Saints (0-1) @ New York Giants (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Giants

Peter’s Analysis: This is a rematch of one of the most exciting games from last season when the Saints hung on to win a shootout at home. This year it’s in New York and the Giants should be ready for them.

Will’s Pick: Giants

Will’s Analysis: The Giants already look a lot better. They seem to have the answers on offense, and the defense is playing serviceable enough so far. Meanwhile, the Saints still look like the same Saints team we’ve seen the last two years: all offense, no defense. There is potential for another barn-burner, just like last year, but this time the Giants have the edge on both sides of the football. They should be able to pull away for a 2-0 start this year.

Tennessee Titans (0-1) @ Detroit Lions (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Lions

Peter’s Analysis: I know they were playing a pourous Colts defense but offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter’s unit started right back where they left off last year. The Lions have now won 7 out of 9 games dating back to last season when Cooter took over. The Titans seem to be improving but aren’t quite there yet.

Will’s Pick: Lions

Will’s Analysis: The Lions proved in Week 1 that the lack of Megatron is not a problem at all; and that Jim Bob Cooter is one of the best offensive coordinators in football right now. In other words, they seem to have all the answers on offense. They still have questions on defense, but they’re playing a Tennessee offense that is still trying to figure themselves out. If the Lions can keep the Titans scrambling, they should run away with this one.

Dallas Cowboys (1-0 @ Washington Redskins (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Cowboys

Peter’s Analysis: Dak Prescott might just be the most intriguing character in the league at this time. I believe this will be the game he uses to burst out on the scene. The Redskins will be fighting to prove last year’s division championship and playoff berth were not a fluke.

Will’s Pick: Redskins

Will’s Analysis: Both of these teams still have questions on offense. The Redskins couldn’t get a running game going Monday night, and Dez Bryant struggled big time versus a Giants defense that still isn’t elite. That said, Redskins do still have the home advantage, and Kirk Cousins does have a reputation for playing very well at home despite his performance Monday night. They should be able to bounce back and take down the Cowboys in Week 2.

Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) @ Houston Texans (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Chiefs

Peter’s Analysis: The Chiefs showed the heart and determination that it took to go    10-0 to finish last season, as they came back to beat a fiery Chargers team. They will have a battle on the road against a tough Texans team but should pull out another close one.

Will’s Pick: Texans

Will’s Analysis: The Texans definitely look to have a very complete offense thus far, with Lamar Miller moving the chains and Will Fuller being able to shoulder the load very well at WR if DeAndre Hopkins isn’t open and Brock Osweiler playing well enough. The Texans will be playing a better defense versus Kansas City than last week, but they should be able to get away just fine, since their defense isn’t too shabby either.

Miami Dolphins (0-1) @ New England Patriots (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Patriots

Peter’s Analysis: The Dolphins struggled to get anything going offensively and the Patriots don’t look any different than they did last season. The fact that the game is in New England should make this one a done deal.

Will’s Pick: Patriots

Will’s Analysis: Well, it’s official: the Patriots can win with pretty much anyone in as quarterback. After beating one of the best NFC teams in their house, now they get to play at home versus a Dolphins team that still has some questions on offense. Getting DeVante Parker back would probably help the Dolphins, but it still may not be enough on the road versus the Patriots, especially if Gronk is back out on the field.

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) @ Cleveland Browns (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Ravens

Peter’s Analysis: The Browns have talent but they didn’t seem to have much in the way of chemistry last week. The Ravens have the experience and should be able to pull out a tight one on the road.

Will’s Pick: Ravens

Will’s Analysis: This week’s Browns starter, Josh McCown, played pretty well against the Ravens last year, but this Ravens defense is a lot better than last year’s, and it shut down a pretty decent Bills offense on Sunday. They should have little problems against the Browns, who will probably play better than they did last week but will still ultimately come up short; something that may become a common theme again this year.

San Francisco 49ers (1-0) @ Carolina Panthers (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Panthers

Peter’s Analysis: This is the most interesting game on the schedule in week two. The Panthers are trying to justify their amazing season from last year. The 49ers are fresh off another first week outburst that proved to be an exciting win. 

Will’s Pick: Panthers

Will’s Analysis: The 49ers played a lot better than expected Monday night, but it was against a Rams team and offense that, according to Herm Edwards, “sat football back about 50 years.” So they’re going from playing what seems to be the worst offense in football to one of the best; and the Panthers have the defense to boot as well, which will help against a very conservative 49ers offense. Not to mention the fact that Cam and company will be looking to bounce back big time after the loss in Denver. This one won’t even be close.

Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Steelers

Peter’s Analysis: There is no hiding the bad blood between these to teams. You only need to go back to the last game they played to see that both teams are loaded with talent and have decent sized chips on their shoulders. The Bengals adefense is missing Vontaze Burfict because of the incident between him and Antonio Brown. The Steelers offense is revved up and ready to go. It’s going to be another battle and I see the Steelers sneaking away with another close one.

Will’s Pick: Steelers

Will’s Analysis: The Steelers played remarkably well with backups in a lot of positions, and though the Bengals seem to be fine so far, the Steelers should be getting back Markus Wheaton this week so having him alongside Eli Rogers opposite Antonio Brown might just be enough to take care of Cincy. In order to pull away, Cincy will probably need to get the running game going – versus a Steelers front four that played pretty well in Week 1.

Sunday, September 19, 3:05 p.m.

Seattle Seahawks (1-0) @ Los Angeles Rams (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Seahawks 

Peter’s Analysis: These teams usually match up well, the Seahawks looked a bit rusty in week 1 and the Rams are headed into their home opener in Los Angeles. Usually this would be a tough game to call but the Rams looked dead on both sides of the ball in week 1. Unless they find a solution in the next couple of days this could be an all out massacre.

Will’s Pick: Seahawks

Will’s Analysis: It won’t matter if Russell Wilson does end up going out with his ankle injury and some guy named Trevonne Boykin ends up starting. They’re playing against a football team that “sat football back about 50 years” according to Herm Edwards, and even if their offense does struggle again a little like last week, they still have way more depth than the Rams do, whose offense definitely seems to be limited to Todd Gurley. The Seahawks should easily run away with this one, while the Rams will be wondering how soon they should bring out Jared Goff.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Cardinals

Peter’s Analysis: From somewhat recent history this game seems like a no-brainer. From what happened last week it seems almost impossible. The Bucs balled out on Sunday, while the Cardinals played   slow and scared. I still think the Cards are the best team in the NFC and they are playing at home. I expect to see David Johnson bust out early as Arizona works to establish their run game and relies on their defense to hold off Jameis Winston.

Will’s Pick: Cardinals 

Will’s Analysis: This could end up being a pretty good one. The Buccaneers proved they have plenty of offense to spare, but their defense still leaves a little bit to be desired. The Cardinals, on the other hand, can play pretty well on both sides of the football. This will be a test for the Bucs as we see if they can hang with the NFC elites. I don’t think they’ll able to hang with Arizona, who will be looking to bounce back after a loss to Tom Brady’s backup.

Sunday, September 19, 3:25 p.m.

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1) @ San Diego Chargers (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Jaguars

Peter’s Analysis: Both of these teams look strong offensively in week one and both fell just a bit short. This Jaguars team looks like it be something really special though and they should handle the Chargers fairly easily.

Will’s Pick: Chargers

Will’s Analysis: This one may really come down to which Chargers team shows up: the one we saw in the first half versus Kansas City, or the second half. Both of these teams are all offense without much defense (though the Chargers’ is slightly better, as the first half proved). Thus, the other factor that this may come down to is the running game. T.J. Yeldon scored a touchdown last week, but only got 39 yards on 21 carries. Chris Ivory will really need to bail them out on the running game if he’s available, since the Chargers so far seem to have a pretty decent running game with Melvin Gordon busting loose.

Atlanta Falcons (0-1) @ Oakland Raiders (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Raiders

Peter’s Analysis: The Raiders showed no desire to lose or tie in Week 2. Even after a hard fought battle they seemeddetermined to win at any cost and that’s exactly what they did. The Falcons need to bring their best game if they even hope to keep this one close.

Will’s Pick: Raiders

Will’s Analysis: This is another game with the potential for a lot of scoring, as both teams put up a lot of yards but not a lot of defense. Though the Falcons look to have a more complete offense than last year, they still need to prove that they can get past all the red-zone struggles, which Oakland definitely proved isn’t an issue for them. Both teams are trying to prove they can compete, and a 2-0 start for Oakland would help their cause, while an 0-2 start for Atlanta definitely wouldn’t help theirs.

Indianapolis Colts (0-1) @ Denver Broncos (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Colts

Peter’s Analysis: Andrew Luck has always played some of his best ball against the Broncos and I don’t see that changing even now that Peyton Manning is gone. The Broncos defense doesn’t look as solid this year as they did in winning the Super Bowl last season.

Will’s Pick: Broncos 

Will’s Analysis: The Colts look pretty good on the passing front, but they’re also still one-dimensional, something the elite Denver defense should be able to take advantage of. And with C.J. Anderson taking the lead back role with ease and Demaryius Thomas seeming to have gotten over his case of the drops from last year? Denver should end up having little issue with this game, unless Trevor Siemian comes out and plays terrible. But he’s also playing a much weaker secondary than he did against Carolina.

Sunday, September 19th, 7:30

Green Bay Packers (1-0) @ Minnesota Vikings (1-0)

Peter’s Pick: Packers

Peter’s Analysis: The Packers look to have gained back anything they had lost last season as they played a very convincing game on the road. The Vikings offense struggled with Shaun Hill as their quarterback. Unless Minnesota finds a quick fix, it looks as if they could be in danger of losing the home opener of their new stadium.

Will’s Pick: Packers

Will’s Analysis: The Vikings still have the defense, but they still have a lot of questions on offense. It may not matter which quarterback is out there if Adrian Peterson can’t get going. Meanwhile, the Packers are back to having one of the top offenses in the NFC after Jordy Nelson’s return. This game should ultimately end up being little issue for them, as it looks so far like Detroit may end up being the bigger threat to the Packers’ division crown than the injured Minnesota.

Monday, September 20th, 7:30 

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) @ Chicago Bears (0-1)

Peter’s Pick: Bears

Peter’s Analysis: Carson Wentz looked good (against the Browns) in his NFL debut. He will have a new challenge next week as he plays on the road against an improved Bears team. 

Will’s Pick: Eagles

Will’s Analysis: Carson Wentz came out and played very well against a pretty weak secondary, and was able to find his receivers without much issue. He’ll be playing another weak defense in Chicago this week. The Bears are a weird case right now; they don’t look that bad on paper, but they just aren’t a winning football team. It remains to be seen whether the Eagles will remain a winning football team as well once they start playing better defenses, but a 2-0 start should definitely help their rookie QB’s confidence.

Thanks for following along with Peter and Will this season!

Please feel free to get mad, criticize, call names or whatever feels right. 

But we would love to see your picks in the comments below! 

Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL season!

Good Luck to Your Team!!!  

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