The Laughing Stock of the NFL

The Dallas Cowboys once again became the butt of NFL jokes this weekend.  As the season starts on Thursday night, Dallas signed veteran backup quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez will be backing up rookie Dak Prescott.

Sanchez is infamous for his butt fumble fiasco against the Patriots when he once played for the Jets.  The Cowboys needed a veteran backup but they really went to the dirt beneath the bottom of the barrel for Sanchez.

Although people will point out that Mark has more playoff wins than the Cowboys have had in the last decade, it doesn’t help that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has been poking fun at this move every chance he gets.

Now, as Dallas focuses for the beginning of the season against the New York Giants, one has to wonder and hope that Prescott isn’t made of glass and Sanchez does nothing more than ride the pine while getting suspended for eating hotdogs out of complete boredom.

In all seriousness though, the Cowboys have also put their foot in their mouths once again with the whole Tony Romo on injured reserves.  Romo was projected to be out 6-10 weeks with his newest injury.  Dallas refuses to put him on IR at the moment because that would force him to be out for the first 8 weeks of football.   Now Math has never been my strongest subject, but it would make sense to put him on IR since he’s predicted to be out at least 6 weeks.

Dallas will rush him back though of that I am certain.  It seems to be the trend when it comes to Romo and Dallas.  They both hurry back and it runs the risk of a more serious injury.

Finally, don’t expect Dallas to win the first game against the Giants.  There is no way the NFL will allow that on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

For the Cowboys, hopefully this Sanchez move will be the final move that causes Dallas to be laughed at by the NFL experts, analysis and other teams’ fans.  The Cowboys have gone from a top tier respectable organization to the laughing stock of the NFL.  Thanks Jerry, on behalf of all fed up Cowboys fans!

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