It maybe early but, My Super Bowl pick!

So let’s shake, rattle, and roll with the hater wave. I’m jumping the gun extremely early with making my opinion on the Super Bowl teams. I always had trouble picking who I thought was going to the Super Bowl previously. This year, I grew a pair and said why the hell not. So a pick has been made. Love it, or hate it, I don’t care.

The two teams that I believe will be in the Super Bowl are the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. I hear a lot of whining out there, but trust me it is not getting you anywhere. In my eyes, both teams are poised to have great seasons. They both have relatively easy schedules. 

I know that Brady is suspended the first four games on some bullshit, I have faith that Jimmy Garoppolo will get the team to at least 2-2 to start the season. Bill Belichick is a football genius you could say. He manages to always turn a standard group of players, when the starters are injured, into a serviceable, sometimes highly talented team.

I believe they have what it takes to go 12-4 this season, taking the Super Bowl by storm. Now just who might their opponent be??? Did I hear someone say the Packers?!

In my opinion that is my pick for lucky team number two. They as well have a fairly easy schedule. With Green Bay having a healthy, in shape squad this year, their dreams seem extremely easy to obtain. It helps that a few of the rookies drafted this year may get to start based on recent cuts. That’s really what that offense needs are young, strong rookies to keep the pace of the team.

Eddie Lacy will be another large factor with it being a contract year. He has slimmed down quite a bit and seems to be unhindered by injury. Having Jared Cook alongside a healthy Jordy Nelson is making Aaron Rodgers look kind of scary. So I have faith this team can finish the season 13-3.
So who is ready for one killer Super Bowl?! I know I am! Plus, it will be interesting to see how things turn out. I have a feeling that this is the year it all comes back to Titletown! Don’t believe me? Don’t care! You’ll be crying with the rest when I’m right.


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