What the Hell is Going on?!

First I’ll start with a topic I know everyone is sick of just to get it out of the way.

Colin Kaepernick is being shunned for not standing during the National Anthem?! Seriously America?! You have nothing better to complain or be angry about then this? It blows my mind. I understand that you may not agree with what he is doing, but last I checked in America, it is his RIGHT to be a d-bag.

He made himself look better by kneeling at the next game, but he is starting a trend. More athletes are following suit for the injustices they feel they have suffered. I’m not getting into the politics of it, but each person has a right to do as they please. The NBA is the only sports organization that requires you to stand for the Anthem.

Kaepernick should have gone out and either done drugs or beat a woman…

But, the way I see it, Kaepernick should have gone out and either done drugs or beat a woman and it would have been talked about for no longer then 2 days. Mind you the season opener is around the corner, but this nonsense is more important then getting us hyped for football?

Second issue, Sam Bradford being traded. I think it won’t work out. He didn’t do well with the Eagles. I don’t think tossing him into a subpar Vikings team is going to make him ‘Superman’. Someone said to me ‘He was on a new team with a new offense…’ Well, Sir, what the hell do you think this is?? We will see what happens because it’s too early to tell, but my guess is that AP will have a heavy work load this season.

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