The Packers Could Be in Trouble in the NFC North

Throughout most of the offseason I believed that the Packers were the best team in their own division, possibly in the NFC and maybe even the entire NFL.

They got Jordy Nelson back, added Jared Cook as another receiving weapon, improved their defense and were deep at every position.

A lot of that has changed. The Packers opted to keep a lot of their big name weapons on the bench for most of the preseason, so it’s hard to tell if this offense is going to be at full force when the season starts.

They surprised Packer nation by releasing  Josh Sitton, an All-Pro lineman, who seemed to be a key player for the unit and gave up some of that depth. 

Instead they chose to keep a 3rd quarterback at what was thought to be their strongest position and raised questions about their confidence in their other passers.

Meanwhile, the Vikings added Sam Bradford, a guy who has the arm strength to throw the ball to a plethora of deep play threats and to make linebackers, safeties and corners take a step back against Adrian Peterson.

The Lions finished last season the way they were expected to start, after they promoted  Jim Bob Cooter to be their offensive coordinator. After winning just 1 game in the first half Detroit finished 6-2 and were just a miraculous pass by Aaron Rodgers, from ending the season 8-8.

Is it time to panic in Green Bay?

There are 16 games to be played in the season and we all know anything can happen but I do believe that the Packers front office has some explaining to do and Aaron Rodgers needs to show early and often that he hasn’t lost a step and is ready to lead this team back to a Super Bowl!

One Comment

  1. Lion’s poor performance today will get their butts kicked 24/7 until next Sunday. We beat you last year in Lambeau to break a 20+ year curse. We sweep you this season…see ya next week.



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