“Nobody is Safe”

Those are the words that were used to describe the emotion going around the Green Bay locker room after All-Pro Guard Josh Sitton was released last week.

Current Packers Guard, T.J. Lang, tried to remain positive as he spoke to the media about the event. “I think everybody just realizes that we got a big game here in six days.” 

“Devastated, Confused, Shocked…” 

Even though he kept his head low and used the bill of his cap to cover his eyes, there was no hiding what was definitely sadness and appeared at times to be anger. “Cut days are never easy. I’ve never been a part of one this tough though obviously. Saying good bye to a good friend.”

“Devastated, Confused, Shocked…” We’re among emotions Lang used to describe the event which also involved Sitton signing with the Packers biggest rival, the Chicago Bears.

“I think uh… I’ve had a lot of thoughts going through my head in the last couple days. Some of them rational, some of them probably not rational.” Sitton said, as he finally flashed a smile. “So I don’t want to say anything that I shouldn’t right now, but my focus is just playing football…”

“This is not about one player. This is about the growth of the football team.”

It was very obvious by the nervous smirk and the pain in his eyes, that Lang’s focus wasn’t on football at all. It appeared to be on the fact that he and Sitton were both going to be coming up for free agency and the Packers had already made commitments to other players. Now the one guy he could relate to on the team was gone.  

I’m sure Coach McCarthy’s words didn’t offer much comfort either.”Every decision we make is about improving all aspects of our program. This is not about one player. This is about the growth of the football team.”

The Packers are showing what we all already know, that they are first and foremost, a business, not the close knit family they want us to believe they are.

They proved it, after winning Super Bowl  XLV, by letting go of two of the veteran leaders on the team, defensive back, Charles Woodson and wide receiver, Greg Jennings. We all witnessed the emotional collapse that took place at that time and the Packers have been trying since then to find the sense of unity that sparked an injury riddled team into becoming champions.

It was obvious last year that they still hadn’t found that group of guys that would help them stay positive through adversity, and now this.

The same business savvy that has allowed the Packers to make the playoffs seven years in a row, may just be the reason why this team falls apart sooner than later.

In a league of this magnitude, young coachable, talent is nothing without chemistry and it seems Green Bay’s front office may have just given up the most important part as they leave their veteran players wondering…

Who’s next?

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