Oklahoma Sooners Best All Time Quarterback and Running Back are now Teammates

The Vikings wasted no time shocking the NFL universe yesterday by making a trade with the Eagles to acquire quarterback Sam Bradford.

The move unites him with Adrian Peterson, one of the greatest running backs in the NFL and helps Minnesota solidify an offense that took quite a hit when Teddy Bridgewater went down with a season ending injury.

This latest transaction is very intriguing  as the Vikings showed the rest of the league that they are prepared to win now, by sacfricing part of their future in giving up a 1st round pick in next year’s draft and going all in this year with Bradford at the helm.

Bradford has shown the ability to make big plays and lead a team with confidence when he is healthy. Health is the biggest concern for a quarterback who has struggled to stay on the field for a large portion of his career.

When he is on the field Bradford will find himself surrounded by very athletic deep-threat targets who have the potential to spread the field and take some of the pressure off of Adrian Peterson.

If Bradford can learn the offense quickly and gel with his receivers this could be a career year for both of the OU alumni and a very successful campaign for the Vikings who know the future is now.

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