Manchester United off to a Hell of a Start under Mourinho

Alrighty my friends, I still HATE José Mourinho, but damnit he seems to have put together a killer squad so far. Only 3 games into the English Premiere League season and United has won all three. In my mind the first two games were almost like glorified practices. They played Bournemouth and Southampton, who both are not much of contenders.

The Hull City game was the first semi-test of many greater challenges to come this season. That game tested the stamina of the United players on all fronts. It was great to see everyone working together to make the team successful. The next match on September 10 against Mancher City will be a true first test.

This game is called the Manchester Derby. It is the meeting of Man. City versus Man. United. The first derby took place in 1881 with Man. United winning 3 to nothing. It was described as a pleasant game and then became a every season thing. Man. United has the most wins at 71 and won the derby last season 1 to nothing. This up coming match is a big one and will show all of the true weaknesses of the two teams.

I’m excited for this match and to watch the rest of the season unfold for Manchester United. So far things are working out Mourinho and the players seem to be gelling well. So, let’s root for the damn Reds and look forward to hoisting that trophy at the end of the season!

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