Randy Moss vs Terrell Owens

When you hear the names Randy Moss or Terrell Owens what is the first though that pops in your head? Is it their ability to trash talk the entire game, take the game over or just ask yourself are they in the Hall of Fame yet? Whatever it is you have to think of the impact that they made while running routes and scoring touchdowns, they will forever be two of the very best to ever do it. Lets get a quick summary of the two then you choose which receiver you liked better as a player.

Terrell Owens: Owens was a trash talking, touchdown celebrating, one man show as he left his mark on the game as one of the most physical and precise route runners to ever lace up the cleats. Owens played for 5 teams during his 15- year NFL career and was every bit of admission fans paid to see him play every Sunday. Terrell was labeled as a trouble maker by teammates and the media but that never took away from his play on the field and his assault on the record books as he would finish in the 1,000 catch club, 15,000-yard receiving club and 153 touchdowns, while being voted to six Pro Bowls. Owens career was one of the best ever but his off-the-field actions will keep him out of the HOF for a while.


Receptions: 1,078

Receiving Yards: 15,934

Yards Per Receptions: 14.8

Receiving Touchdowns: 153

Randy Moss: Randy was an underdog from day one as he fell in the 1998 NFL draft and he made every single team that passed on him pay as he was predicted to be a top ten pick that year. Moss was one of the fastest receivers to ever grace the gridiron and gave defensive backs trouble his first year in the league as he gave us a game on Thanksgiving that is still one of the best performances ever by any receiver on his way to winning the offensive rookie of the year. He would put up record numbers his first 7 seasons in the NFL making the Pro Bowl 6 times and leading the league in touchdowns three of those seasons. He would take a hiatus from the spotlight as he put up mediocre numbers in Oakland, but had a resurgence in New England as he set the single season record for touchdown receptions in 2007. Moss was named as one of the Vikings 50 greatest players. 


Receptions: 982

Receiving Yards: 15,292

Yards Per Receptions: 15.6

Receiving Touchdowns: 156

There is your match-up NFL fans now vote down below or comment along with other fans and see what they think………

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