5 reasons why Michael Vick is a good fit with the Vikings

The Vikings need to replace a key piece of their team and they don’t have long to fix the problem. I’m not throwing shade at Shaun Hill but come on he will not hold up in a 16 game season at 37 years of age in a league that he’s only started a handful of games the last 8 seasons.

Enter veteran Michael Vick a QB that been through his share of ups and downs in the NFL on and off the field, but if there’s a QB out there that can handle what the Vikings have to offer on offense it’s Vick. A former Pro Bowler for the Falcons and Eagles, He played alongside some of the best the league has to offer and this would be a cake walk if he picks up on the offensive scheme quickly. He led the Falcons to the NFC championship game in 2005 and had the Eagles in prime position to take the NFC East before injuries derailed his season.

Vick played for the Steelers last season and won two of his three starts in the absence of Ben Roethlisberger and seemed comfortable with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown in those games.

Here are 5 reasons why he a good fit and could give the Vikings a chance to make a deep run in the 2016 playoffs:

1. He has lost some of the 4.3 speed that he came into the league with but can still make plays with his legs.

2. His use of the play action could give Adrian Peterson more running lanes, because defenses would still focus on him.

3. He played his first six seasons on the turf in the Georgia Dome which means he plays at a faster pace and could be a bit more lethal. 8 home games and one in Detroit is an advantage in itself.

4. He is a game manager at this point in his career and with the aggressive style of defense that the Vikings play, it could shorten the field and give him a chance to use his dynamic playmaking ability.

5. Vick has always played well in the cold something you see a lot playing in the NFC North, so if push came to shove his mobility and ability to make plays would be a plus for the Vikings.

The Vikings have other option out there but  I think Mike Vick if they want to keep their lofty expectations intact and make a run at Super Bowl 51.
Chime in NFL fans and comment on if you think Vick would be a good fit for Minnesota?

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