The Jason Garrett Experiment

By Kim Dunning

The great debate lately between Cowboys fans is quite simply whether or not Jason Garrett is a good head coach.   More fuel has been added to this fire with Eric Davis’ comments from NFL Network the other night.   It’s now time to end the Jason Garrett experiment in Dallas.


Davis comment for those that missed it was: “I’m more interested in seeing what the coaches do.  Because when Tony went down last year, you should have been able to find a way.  That roster was good enough to find a way to win more than one game.  And I want to see what happens this time.  Because if Jason Garrett can’t do anything coming out of the gate without their quarterback, with everything else you have in place.  I still say I don’t know why he’s still there now, after that, but he may not survive it.”

 Davis didn’t say anything that a few Cowboys fans and peers of mine haven’t been saying for year.  Jason Garrett is not head coaching material.

 Garrett has always had a free pass when it comes to his head coaching career with Dallas.  It’s almost like he has blackmail on Jerry Jones and Jones is afraid to let him go because all of it would come out.  I say that very tongue-in-cheek, but any other head coach for Jones would have been gone.

Garrett’s offense was the reason why Wade Phillips was fired.  You really can’t blame Wade because he has succeeded well outside the Cowboys.  When Garrett took over at interim head coach, all the reports were how the players walked over Phillips and it was “camp cupcake” all the time.  However, things haven’t really changed for Garrett either.   Dez Bryant as passionate as he may come across to a certain selection of fans, still throws temper tantrums and mouths off on the sidelines.  Imagine if you could, Jimmy Johnson putting up with those shenanigans, because Jimmy wouldn’t have.

Garrett is a lost cause as head coach.  There is no fire befitting a redhead in him on the field and if there is behind closed doors, no one has made mention of it.  Yes, Garrett has honored Landry with the final formation after a win and he has made them wear suit and ties to games but none of those translate well onto the field.

The players are still undisciplined on the field.  The penalties pile up game after game and for the most part are drive-killing penalties.   The players still throw tantrums on the side lines and when Dallas is losing, all the body language on the sidelines screams defeated.

The Garrett experiment has been over for a while.  Ever since the stat came out he is 37% against teams with a winning percentage.  Garrett’s time is nearing the end.  As Davis stated, if Garrett can’t get talent out of this squad, we have a major problem.

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