Bullshit injuries thanks to Lame Preseason

So it’s preseason and the injuries are rampant as usual. This is why I hate the length of preseason. Only two games are nessecary so the rookies can be evaluated. Why risk the health of your starters in games that don’t matter?

Seriously it is bullshit. I hate the Cowboys but now they are missing their starting QB for 8 to 10 weeks. Also, the Ravens lost their tight end. I know injuries are going to happen, but I’d rather those injuries happen in practice or real games.

It pisses me off to no avail to watch players lose their season due to injuries that were more than likely going to happen in practice or actual games.

All the injuries ruin fantasy teams too. Players that would be great in fantasy now have no chance at all. I seriously think preseason should be two games and that’s it. Alas, the NFL wants money and something to talk about when there is no drama to be found. So, I sure as hell hope these last two games for every team go smoothly.

If any more essential players get injured before the start of the season I may kill someone.

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