The Cold Hard Truth About the Dallas Cowboys

By Kim Dunning

Dallas played their third pre-season game last night against the Seahawks.  This is the pre-season game that is most worth watching, as this is the dress rehearsal for the starting players.  This is where you see your guaranteed roster spots play.  Dallas proved a lot in this game and the cold hard facts are rather heartbreaking.First off, the elephant in the room is really Tony Romo and his health. 

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you know that Romo was injured on his first series. It was another injury to his back. Romo didn’t make the veteran decision to get rid of the ball, he made the decision to run. At 36 years old, already injury prone, he shouldn’t be running out there like he used to be able too. That Romo is gone forever fans.
The sad fact is now Romo finally has a team around him offensively.  It took almost his entire career before the Cowboys organization cared enough about him to give him the offensive line, the weapons and the running game that had been lacking.  They never gave him a chance with a defense.  This Tony story will be one that will end up heartbreakingly sad.

Romo is done.  There I said it.  His career is done.  He will start the season this year and this will be his last.  Dak Prescott will end the season being the starting quarterback.  You see, Room’s body cannot take much more abuse.  He’s already had numerous surgeries and has been injured the majority of his career.  For those that don’t know, Romo has played four complete seasons in his entire career.  

Dallas left their hero out to dry.  They took for granted a statistically great quarterback, one that probably deserves a Super Bowl and if he were like Demarcus Ware and went elsewhere would probably have had it.

The rest of the game last night was basically the same as it has been.  Dak Prescott looked amazing, poised and wasn’t flustered even when he ran the two-minute drill right before the end of the half, that set Dan Bailey up for field goal.   Regardless of whether you are “team Dak” or “team Romo”, you have to give it to Prescott that he faired very well against a very good defense.   He may actually be the real deal and just in the nick of time for Dallas. 

 Defensively, Dallas is screwed.  That’s the facts.  There is no way this pee-wee football defense is going to be able to stop anything or anyone this season.  The offense will have to put up a lot of points, have long clock killing drives and stay on the field as long as possible to win games.   It’s a sad fact that once again the organization couldn’t build a defense like they built an offense.


Special teams had a hiccup with a big miss by Bailey, who rarely misses.  Nothing else really stood out on special teams.  They will be serviceable when the season begins in two weeks.

Sadly, Dallas will not be a team that will compete for championships anytime soon.  It’ll be a roller coaster ride for the season, but then when isn’t it for Dallas fans.  It’s just so sad to watch Romo wither away, after all he gave the Dallas Cowboys and they just spit on him, until it was too late.

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