Time for a change in Dallas?

The Dallas Cowboys have a decision to make as far as the quarterback position and it’s becoming more and more evident that the Tony Romo era in Dallas is all but over. Romo has battled shoulders injuries and at 36 years of age, the wear and tear is starting to show. 

The 4-time Pro Bowl QB has finally had competition as far as a QB controversy as rookie Dak Prescott has shown glimpses that he is the next man up in Big D. Prescott has been impressive in his 3 preseason games and will probably be a factor sooner rather than later with Romo’s recent struggles with injuries. 

Dak seems comfortable in the pocket and can use his scrambling ability to extend plays or gain positive yards, which will help his chances down th road.

Dak has been one of the bright spots for the Cowboys this offseason as they have seen the media glorify their off-the-field problems and questioned whether they would be competitive in 2016. Even though Dak has impressed early this preseason, Romo’s health will determine when the necessary change will take place. 

Tony Romo has thrown for over 34,000 yards and has 247 career touchdown passes, so Dak will have some nice size shoes to fill once he’s named the starter. This story will be one to watch as the season goes on.

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