Ranking the QBs

 Ranking the top 50 qbs in the nfl. Potential is given credit as is on the field results. Winning gets more credit then numbers. (ie. Eli Manning is ahead of Phillip Rivers) 

5th tier (if your starter goes down a series you are fine, if he misses games you are in trouble)

50. Derek Anderson – he was almost starter quality once. 

49. Matt Moore – he’s looked okay at times

48. Chase Daniels – in the right offense he can be a decent backup.

47. Geno Smith – the reverse of everything I say about Bridgewater. He may not have a Canon but he can make all the throws and hit an open receiver. Unfortunately nobody wants to play with him. If you could take Bridgwaters brain and put it in Genos body you’d have a top ten qb. Too bad we don’t have that technology.

46. Colt Mccoy – same as teddy Bridgewater…only with less of an arm. 

4th Tier (solid backups, may develop into more) 

45. Teddy Bridgewater *- In between the ears he’s a top 15 qb. Unfortunately he has the least accurate arm in the nfl. He holds the ball way to long he makes his progressions way to slow. Great qbs make bad wrs look good. Teddy makes good wrs look bad. He will make a great offensive coordinator one day, probably a even better head coach. But he doesn’t have the tools to take the game from his head to the field. *written before injury

44. Matt Schaub – he seemed to be done years ago. He was once a top 20 starter. Word out of Atlanta is he might push Matt Ryan for the starting job. Maybe he has something left in the tank afterall. 

43. Brett Hundley – how this guy fell to the 4th round is a mystery that many pundits will be asking for years to come. Now in his second year under master qb sansai in the NFL (Mike mccarthy) you know his mechanics and understanding of the game are amazing. Look for somebody to send a high pick to the Packers for him next year.  

42. Josh McCown – he’s not a starter but can play one on TV for the right team. He wouldn’t scare you if your starter got hurt and he had to come in.

41. Paxton Lynch – another case of potential. He’s got the tools. He’s far from ready though to be a nfl qb now. Can Kubiak build him? 

40. Scott Tolzien – he put up decent numbers in losses a few years ago when he was pulled from the practice squad to start during Aaron  Rodgers injury. He’s had 3 years under the master qb guru in Mike Mccarthy since then. I’d feel comfortable with him if my starter went down. He might even be able to start for some teams.

 39. Nick Foles – for a little bit he seemed like a real qb. Maybe back with any Reid he can be again. 

38. Colin Kaepernick – this kid needs out of San Francisco. He was developing nicely under Jim Harbaugh. Unfortunately he hasn’t listened to a head coach since. Can he check his ego and be coached again? He has an accurate rocket arm. He runs like a gazelle. He’s almost as solidly built as Newton. Can he learn to read his progressions? So many questions. So much talent. Can he be saved?

37. Blaine Gabbert – an epic failure has a had a rebirth of sorts in San Francisco.  He at least looks like a real NFL qb. Not a starter but someone I’d be willing to let play a few games if my starter was hurt.

36. Drew Stanton – he doesn’t have an NFL arm…but he’s accurate and knows how to win. He’s Chad Pennington. If you let a d coordinator set a game plan to take away what he can do and force him to do what he can’t you’ll beat him. If he comes off the bench with you not ready he’ll pick you to pieces.

35. Jimmy Garoppollo – the heir apparent to Tom Brady is going to get to prove whether he is truelly worthy of the title. Many say he is….but there seems to be some fear in organization.

34. Dak Prescott – Seems high you say? Off only a few preseason games you say? Yepp. He’s got that magic. I’ve argued with a cowboys fan that they might be best served by Romo going out and Daks learning curve being  raised by playing. 

32 (tie) Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemien – whoever wins this job is the is 32 the other 33. Neither are legit starters, both would be great 2 or 3 game options if your starter went down. 

31. Mike Glennon – he could start for at least 7 teams in the nfl. Should be the star of the 2017 free agent class. Minnesota Vikings I’m looking at you. 

30. Sam Bradford – he was taken number one for a reason. Granted I think that was a mistake but he can toss the pigskin with accuracy and make all the throws. Moving in the pocket or reading defenses is another story. He won’t lose you a ton of games as your number one backup, and can be a serviceable starter ad you develop a young qb.

3rd tier (legitimate starters or loads of potential)

29. Jay Cutler – he can have moments of greatness. But he’s been in the league long enough to know he is what he is. He’s got all the tools but will always throw the key interception. He mentally checks out of games. When he listens to his coaches he can almost convince you he’s a top ten qb….then he pulls a Jay Cutler move.

28. Brock Osweiller – he’s got a starters paycheck. He played ok, a poor man’s Alex Smith. He needs to play better with Houston to justify that check.

26.(tied)  Carson Wentz, Jared Goff – this is all on potential, but you don’t take someone this high without at least him ranking here. They’ve got the tools, let’s see how the  Eagles and Rams develop them.

25. Robert Griffin III – He has all world talent. The problem was between his ears. His ego ran away and he was uncoachable. It seems like he’s eaten some humble pie and is listening to offensive guru hue jackson. I’d love to see him reward the long suffering fans in Cleveland with his return to form. 

24. Alex Smith – the penultimate game manager. He won’t lose you a game. He also won’t win you a game. 

23. Matt Ryan – Matty  ice may be the worst nickname ever. Based on his clutch and playoff performances he should be Matty lukewarm. The more he plays the more I come to believe he is Jeff George without the doucheness.
2nd tier (up and comers, and flashes of greatness)
22. Ryan Tannehill – this is his last chance. He’s shown flashes of brilliance but has never been able to consistently put it together. He’s got a headcoach who made Jay cutler look good now, if it’s not this year well…hey backup qbs make good money and he has a gorgeous wife, life won’t be that bad.

21. Marcus Mariotta – he’s got great speed and is a winner, a born leader. He has the arm. I still contend he needed a rebuild similar to the one Mike McCarthy gave Aaron Rodgers when he came out of college. He needs to learn to read defenses and his progresssions. His mechanics need to be tightened up to increase his accuracy. With a Rodgers type rebuild he could have been Rodgers type good. But maybe he can learn on the fly, kids got a ton of talent.

20. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Ever wonder what Brett Favre would be like without a mobile rocket launcher for an arm and a longer beard? Wonder no longer, it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. He can have Favre like magic, he will also try to make a pass that only Favre could make without a second thought. When he stays within himself and has a good oc he can be devasting though. 

19.. Tyrod Taylor – we’ve had a small sample size but he’s coming off as a poor man’s Cam Newton. He is accurate and can run. He needs to take the next step reading defenses.

18. Kirk Cousins – Captain Kirk played like a star on the rise last year, competitive and accurate. I loved him in college but need to se e a second year of the same to rank him higher.

16 (tie) Blake Bortles, Derek Carr – flip a coin between Bortles and Derek Carr. Both have the moxi of a star qb, both can read an NFL d and can go through their progressions like a seasoned vet. Bortles reminds me of a young Big Ben, Carr of a young Drew Brees. Most importantly they are accurate, the most important skill a qb can have.

15. Jameis WinstonWe can argue the best of the “young gun” qbs all day. We just know we haven’t seen this much young talent at the position since the early 80s. My money is on the biggest, strongest and most accurate passer. He’s a college national champ and reads d’s better then most 5 year vets. He will be the villain qb in the league for the next decade.

Top Tier

14. Joe Flacco – has he plateaued? He’s got a ring and throws one of the best deep balls in football. Can he carry a team? His paycheck says he can, it’s time to justify that check.

13. Andy Dalton – the “Red Rocket” has shown everything he needs to be elite…except winning in prime time or the playoffs. Until he does that he’s just Matt Ryan version 2.0. 

12. Matt Stafford – This is a make or break year for the former number 1 pick. He has the hottest offensive coordinator in the game, but lost the best wr in the game. Will it make him spread the ball better and live up to his potential? Or will he collapse without the crutch of Megatron? His legacy will be decided by the answer. 

11. Philip Rivers –  the last gunslinger, he can chuck it with anyone. He makes wrs look good. He just doesn’t seem to be able to get the matching w’s though.

10. Carson Palmer – he’s teased us with greatness all career just to fall short, mostly due to injuries. One last rich Gannon type season to finish his career could change that legacy.

9. Eli Manning – 2 rings. 2 superbowl rings. That’s the argument. He’s clutch, he can be amazing. He’s also inconsistent, and can be a turnover machine. He seems to have found new life with ODB in McAdoo’s offense a strong finish could solidify him into the hall. 

8. Tony Romo* – If healthy (and that’s a huge if) he is still one of the best in the league. Has his body given up on him? We’ll see.*written pre-injury

7. Andrew Luck – He’s got every tool in the book. Physically he’s Aaron Rodgers version 2.0. Can he translate that to greatness behind that porous line? 

6. Russell Wilson – with 2 super-bowl appearences and one win, Russell has shown he belongs with the big boys. If he can keep up the success without beast mode he will be elite.

The Elite. 

5. Drew Brees – Easy breesy, this may be the year that father time catches up with our favorite boilermaker. It hasn’t yet though so until it does his pinpoint accuracy and mastery of his offense keeps Brees in the top 5. 

4. Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben has played in 3 Superbowls and has won 2. You want to know how good he is? Watch the Steelers play with anyone else at qb. He single handedly has elevated the play of his receivers to the point people think Antonio Brown is better then Julio Jones. 

3. Tom Brady- Father time is his biggest enemy now. His accuracy is second only to Rodgers and they are equal in reading defenses. A master of making average receivers look great. At 39 he’s not what he once was but he’s still better then 98.5% of the qbs on the planet.

2. Cam Newton- Sorry Randall Cunningham you are now the second greatest running qb of all time. His arm strength, speed, size and raw power make him a freak who’s impossible to game plan against.

1. Aaron Rodgers– his accuracy is the best the NFL has ever seen. He can run better then 90% of the qbs. He even completed multiple hail Mary’s last season.
J.russell Zinn

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