Should the Cavs trade Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off their first ever championship and will have a hard time repeating with teams retooling their rosters and gunning for them. Kevin Love has been the odd man out with the Cavs and the media feel as if he doesn’t fit with King James and Kyrie. On top of that many question his defensive skills and consider him a liability.

The Cavs signed Love to a 4-year/$113 million dollar deal last season and one may debate that he was vastly overpaid or was it just his market value, but no matter the answer he still a top ten power forward. He’s only averaged 16 points per game since arriving in Cleveland but has still been a big part of the Cavs success until this point.

He was named to an All-Star team twice in his career and Love is one of the better shooting big men from long range, which makes him very versatile in the frontcourt no matter who he plays for next or here on out. If you were Dan Gilbert what would you do?
This story may gain steam heading into next season so stay tuned!

Comment below and give your thoughts……

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