The Menagerie Collection of Dallas

By Kim Dunning

So Dez Bryant is hurt again.  Don’t freak out, he only has a concussion sustained in practice on Monday.  According to Dallas fans everywhere, don’t freak out.   This is actually a cause for at least a pause of concern.  You see Dallas has a history of drafting glass menageries as opposed to football players.

Dez Bryant is one of a few recently drafted players who cannot stay healthy.   Dez was hurt a majority of last season, which affected his production on the field.   After snagging a huge contract, after a holdout of course, Bryant was less than lackluster but it’s because he was injured.

Sean Lee is another player Dallas drafted that cannot stay healthy.   He has spent more time on the bench and injured reserves than he has being a productive player on the field.  However, in Lee’s defense, when he is on the field he is a beast.

The first round draft pick, the one most Dallas fans still cannot wrap their heads around, has been injured in the preseason with a hamstring.  Any fan of the Cowboys knows that the hamstring is the bane of all existence when it comes to their players. Remember former player Miles Austin? There are numerous occasions where Miles hammy came between him and playing.

As an educated female fan, the blame can be laid for these “glass” players on a few reasons.  The first is the players themselves.  They need to be held accountable for their own personal off-season program.  Sometimes accidents happen and it is the sport of football, which is a contact sport, but Dallas has had more than their fair share of injuries.

 The scouting program can also be blamed.  Take for example this years’ second round draft pick, Jaylon Smith.  Smith will not see action this year due to an injury sustained in college.  It’s an injury that caused a lot of teams to pass on his talent because there is no guarantee he will ever see action.  A similar situation comparative to Smith would be Bruce Carter and he is no longer a Cowboy.

The main reason would be because of their strength and conditioning program coupled with the new regulations the NFL has put in place.  The practice and non-contact restrictions put in place by the NFL has done more harm than good to the players of the NFL.  They are not fully prepared for the full contact they receive on game days and therefore the players are not well equipped to deal with hits and falling properly.

So as the NFL turns and Dallas continues to collect its menagerie collection.  Maybe within the next few years, the coaching staff, management staff and scouting department will get it right and start drafting NFL players who won’t break.

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