McGregor by Decision

by LaDonna Williams

The fight that UFC fans have been waiting for, McGregor vs Diaz part 2. The first match, Diaz took the fight against McGregor in a 11-day notice and won. Now part two, many people thought Diaz was going to knock out McGregor again.

The first round went to McGregor because of his knock downs. During round two and three it was all Diaz. McGregor at this point looked very sluggish and taking deep breathes. At this point I just knew Diaz was going to knock him out.That knock out never happened. This fight never got on the ground, because we all know if it did Diaz would have won the fight.

This fight did go the distance, all five rounds. The decision came down to; one official had the fight as a tie. The other two went to McGregor. That means McGregor won by split decision. After the fight Diaz said “Fu*k that, I came here to fight, McGregor should have knocked me out.” He asked for fight three right after the fight ended. “If Diaz wants a trilogy it has to be on my terms, Diaz to come down to 155 lbs.”

Will there be a part 3 to this rivalry? Come on Dana and get this into the works.

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