Dallas Cowboys: Evaluation Game # 2

By Kim Dunning


The Dallas Cowboys played their second preseason game against the Miami Dolphins on Friday night.  They were much improved in some areas but there is still a lot of work needed to be season ready.

With veterans, Tony Romo and Jason Witten playing for a few series, the Cowboys offense once again came out as a powerhouse offense.  Alfred Morris, a gift from the Washington Redskins treating him wrong, has proven that he can definitely be the workhorse of the offense.There should be no issues when it comes to the offense for the Dallas Cowboys.  They are proving that even with their backups, they have a shot to continue to compete.  

Dak Prescott, once again is showing he could potentially be the steal of the draft, much to the Cowboys haters chagrin.

Special teams are looking good and Dan Bailey continues to show that he is an intricate part of this team.  Bailey made a 51-yard attempt to close out the half for the Cowboys offense.  Bailey is so good, that the announcers even said during the game, why do they even make Bailey kick anymore.  It’s a logical question because Bailey is the best kicker ever in the league and he currently stands at making 90% of his kick and never missed an extra point in his career.  This is pretty good for an undrafted kicker.

The good news is the bubble players stepped up and protected the lead last night.  This shows that they want to make the team and will do what is necessary to make it.

The problem with the Cowboys still lies in their defense.  Their defense did look better last night and much improved from the first game.  Practice makes perfect, but they are still taking bad angles on tackles and their secondary with the exception of Morris Claiborne and Bryon Jones are still looking shaky.

The other thing with the Cowboys is they need to really watch their penalties.  The penalties are killing drives and could continue to be a problem with keeping drives going in the regular season.   Jason Garrett needs to emphasize the fact that they need to be more disciplined.  He would be well served not to clap on the sidelines when they get these bonehead penalties.

All in all, there is a vast improvement from the evaluation game 1 and evaluation game 2.  However, Dallas really needs to work on penalties, defensive tackling, secondary and the defensive line.  If Dallas can put in the hard word, my preseason 8-8 record could go up, but with Garrett at the helm, it’ll be difficult to do.

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