Top 10 receiving duos in the NFL

There are some good quarterbacks in the NFL that put up good numbers week in and week but they have good receivers to thank for that. These receivers run good routes, make plays and can break the game wide open, but what’s even better if you have two that can put up numbers. Don’t get me wrong we are not only talking wide receivers we’re talking running backs and tight ends too, so check out these top 10 duo’s.
1. Brandon Marshall/Eric Decker- New York Jets
Marshall and Decker are scoring machines, they have 86 combined touchdowns since 2012, most of any duo. If Fitzpatrick has another good season this duo will give the Jets a run at the division title.
2. Allen Hurns/Allen Robinson- Jacksonville Jaguars
This could easily be the best duo in the league. They have size, speed, athleticism and hands. Robinson supplies the deep threat ability, while Hurns makes the tough yards and sure handed catches. They are truly the modern day Smith and McCardell.
3. Rob Gronkowski/ Julian Edelman- New England Patriots
Tom Brady has two go-to-guys while most teams only have one on their offense. Gronkowski and Edelman are most effective in the middle of the field, which make them bigger threats in the redzone, but their route running and ability to get open is what separates them from the best.
4. Antonio Brown/LeVeon Bell-Pittsburgh Steelers
When you pair top tier receiver and a dual threat back, you get one hell of a combo and an offense that can put up points fast. Brown and Bell will put the Steel Curtain back in the discussion as a representative for the AFC in Super Bowl 51. Bell will miss the first quarter of the season but when he returns defensive coordinators will gameplan a bit harder.
5. Julio Jones/Mohamed Sanu-Atlanta Falcons 
Julio gets his replacement for Roddy White and it could be something amazing with Sanu’s ability to pass, which means the two of them could connect on a TD or two, imagine that. These athletic receivers could help Matty Ice bounce back in 2016.
6. Jordy Nelson/Randle Cobb-Green Bay Packers
Nelson is coming back from injury, which means Rodgers has his 1-2 punch back in the huddle. Nelson’s hands and deep threat ability, along with Cobb’s electrifying ability to makes plays is what makes this duo “special”.
7. Demaryius Thomas/Emmanuel Sanders-Denver Broncos 
This deadly Super winning combo could be one of the top duos in the league because both are explosive playmakers, but the QB shuffle and Thomas’ inconsistent play keeps them out of the top 5.
8. Vincent Jackson/Mike Evans- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
The twin towers make it difficult for any cornerback that has the assignment to cover them on Sunday’s. Their huge catching radius gives Winston big targets that could give him time to continue to mature as a young QB.
9. DeSean Jackson/Pierre Garçon-Washington Redskins
They’re the receiver version of thunder and lightning, Garçon runs precise routes with great hands and power to run through defenders, while DJax takes the top off the defense with his blazing speed. This duo could help Cousins get his big pay day.
10. Michael Crabtree/Amari Cooper-Oakland Raiders
One is a vet and the other is a rising star, they compliment each other well in the Raiders offense. Crabtree has finally found a system that fits him and with Cooper’s game breaking ability, it gives Oakland duo some real fire power.

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