How the NFL Has Let Fans Down

By Kim Dunning

The NFL is a booming business.  Fans spend thousands of dollars a year to go to games, buy merchandise and other trinkets that have their favorite teams’ logo.  Sadly, the NFL has let fans down.

Now bear with me a moment and you may or may not agree.  There are things that the NFL could do to make the game more enjoyable.  Since the era began with Roger Goodell, things in the NFL have not been quite kosher.

Take a look at the officiating in recent years.  The referee’s even in pre-season games control the pace and outcome of the game.  Technically, a holding call could be called on each play ran but the refs use to only call blatant holding calls.  Now, the referees seem to help teams out with their calls and hurt other teams’ chances.  Now, whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not, depends on how you look at this situation.

 The Super Bowl use to be a fan friendly event.  Now the biggest game of the NFL is all about the money.  There are more celebrity and corporations that are getting seats to the biggest game of the year and 99 percent of them do not even care about the teams that are playing.  The regular joe fan usually cannot afford a seat or if they do, the seats aren’t a good view.

The game itself has been made safer, which isn’t a bad thing with all the concussions that the NFL has.  However, the NFL has completely taken defense out  of the game.  Now you cannot even sneeze on the quarterback without a penalty being assessed.  Let me rephrase that, the NFL only protects certain quarterbacks, not all.

 The favoritism of other players and teams really shines through in the last decade or so.  There are teams that get more calls and more suspensions than other teams.  Certain players are picked on more than others.  The NFL has their favorites and we all know who they are.

The NFL is all about the money and fans keep paying into it.  The NFL has taken your money, made the game less enjoyable and has laughed in your face all the way to the bank.  They have changed the game, not for the better, taken the unpredictability out of the game and they have completely let you down, as a fan.

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